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Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 12:22:07 +0200 (CEST)
Subject: Re: Roma

> Bellini *as* sex? or Bellini *is* sex? Bellini as commodified sex? Sex that
> stands still so you can take its picture?

> > Paradigms. Bellini as sex.

Take "sex" for real life compared to logo estetics.

I think the Romans have a very strong sense for real life. And all is
connected to their palaver culture. Well, I was in a train that needed 6
hours from Napoli to Roma...

Compare a Volkswagen to an Alfa Romeo.

I think the CIA had much more power than an ancient cardinal to promote
art. I am not against funding and I am not shure if NYC is much different
from Roma in palaver. But there is more money and power in NYC. And to
much power is bad for the arts. And some tradition around isnt so bad ;-)

To see Nan Golding in Rome is much different from seeing it in London.

One of the most impressing thinks on this Italy journey were the colors of
the companies. No boring magenta (which is Telekom here).

And there is a great collection of all the Guy Debord things etc in the
National Museum for Modern Art.


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