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Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 09:56:12 -0500
Subject: daytrading for buddhists

US$6.50 = CA$10

CA$10 will buy about 35 lb. (almost 16 kg) of fine Manitoba Potatoes
these potatoes, in soups and gruels,
should feed a family of five, for one prairie month
at the end of that month, when the moon is full
that family will never want to eat potatoes again,
provided enough garlic and onions.


As for the SUV rant: We're all in the position of
Nike-wearing, daytrading Buddhist monks. But that
doesn't excuse us. I bought a sandwich today for
$6.50. Do you know how much good I could have done
with that $6.50? And the pathetic thing is that
there's no justification. I should have foregone the
sandwich and added $6.50 to our charitable
donations. And we should do this all the time until
we're no better off than the worst off among us.
(No, I don't know where that is, but I do know that
I'm not close to it.) The fact that we don't do this
isn't a justification for not doing it. That's why
every response at will be "Yes,
for all eternity."


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