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Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 03:38:37 -0600
Subject: Palais de Tokyo

Palais de Tokyo                  


22-26 Jan
Free entrance from noon until midnight
A five-day preview with an exceptional program of events free of charge and 
open to all.
The Palais de Tokyo, site for contemporary arts was founded thanks to an 
initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. This new center 
finally opens to the public on 22 January 2002 for a special five-day 
preview, followed by five days of exceptional events free of charge, 22-26 
January, from noon to midnight. Five days to mark the beginning of this 
adventure, then the official reopening on 29 January 2002.

Over the years the Palais de Tokyo has been home to a number of institutions, 
including Paris^Òs modern art museum, the Musée national d^Òart moderne, 
before it was relocated to the heart of the Georges Pompidou Center. Now the 
Palais is once again opening its doors to artists and the public, revealing 
its most radically spare self. The Palais has been refurbished in a permanent 
dialog between the directors of this site for contemporary arts, Nicolas 
Bourriaud and Jérôme Sans, and the architects behind the Palais^Òs new look, 
Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal. A truly vital place at the intersection 
of all of today^Òs emerging cultures, the Palais de Tokyo is intended as a 
public space in perpetual motion, an institution that is being constantly 

Each week, the Palais de Tokyo offers a lively program of forums, debates, 
performances, musical events, etc.

Audiolab 2
29 Jan >

A music salon created by the Bouroullec brothers to present a new program of 
sound artworks by artists and electronic or electro-acoustic musicians.

Curators: Hervé Mikaeloff & Jean-Yves Leloup
Artists and musicians: Curd Duca (Austria), To Rococo Rot (Germany), 
Laetitia Bénat (France), Xavier Veilhan (France), Dorine Muraille (France)

Created as part of the ^Óproduction assistance^Ô program of the Caisse des 
dépôts et consignations^Òs mission for supporting the arts.

29 Jan > 21 Apr 02
Virginie Barré + Christophe Berdaguer & Marie Péjus + Alain Declercq + Michael 
Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset + Naomi Fisher + Gelatin + Subodh Gupta + Alexander 
Györfi + Kay Hassan + Gunilla Klingberg + Surasi Kusolwong + Michel Majerus + 
Paola Pivi + Matthew Ritchie + Franck Scurti + Wang-Du + Sislej Xhafa + Jun^Òya 

Neither a theme-oriented exhibition, nor a series of personal shows, this 
gallery of projects heralds the various directions in which the Palais de 
Tokyo will be working in the coming years (to the extent that each of these 
artists, now becoming known on the international scene, is able to take part 
at a later date and in other contexts). Through painting, video art, photography, 
performance and other media, they are sketching out a vision of today^Òs artistic 
landscape while bringing into play some of the major issues that interest 
contemporary art.

This exhibition enjoys the generous support of Bloomberg.
Yun^ÒYa Yamaide^Òs piece was created with the help of Crayola R

29 Jan > 24 Feb 02
Charlotte Beaurepaire, Emmanuelle Delage, Toshi Fujiwara, Meschac Gaba, 
Emily Joyce^Å/Franck David

Franck David imagines a work of art made up of interstitial spaces, the poor 
misfit spaces of the consumer circuit. Reproduced and enlarged to wall size, 
the missing spaces on video- and audio-cassette labels serve as frames for 
the work of other artists.

29 Jan > 10 March 02
Monica Bonvicini
^ÓWhat does your wife/girl friend think of your rough and dry hands?^Ô

In order to examine architecture in a critical, incisive and humorous way, 
Monica Bonvicini has turned her attention to the notions of class and sexual 
persuasion, and the place of the body in space and culture, in light of the 
idea of power. Two hundred and fifty construction workers responded to her 
questionnaire, constituting a genuine inquiry into their emotional life, 
their relationship to the other, and their connection with work.

Born in 1965. Lives and works in Berlin and Los Angeles.

29 Jan. > 31 March 02
Loris Cecchini

Loris Cecchini sporadically scatters throughout the Palais de Tokyo, from 
the entrance to the museum offices, everyday objects that the artist has 
reproduced in a soft material.

Born in 1969 Lives and works in Milan.

29 Jan > 8 Sept 02 - Le Salon
Meschac Gaba
^ÓMusée d^ÒArt Contemporain Africain: Le Salon^Ô

For his first Parisian show Meschac Gaba has designed the Salon, the 11th 
^Óroom^Ô of his on-going piece ^ÓMusée d^ÒArt Contemporain Africain.^Ô The virtual, 
traveling museum he has been developing in various art institutions since 1997 
offers visitors an experience that is both visual and practical. They are 
invited to drop in and spend some time there, to read a book or play the 
different games that are provided. Beyond the convivial environment it creates, 
the Salon touches off a reflection on postcolonialism and the dialog between 
cultures that is not without its comic aspect.

Along with checkers and a ^Óflag game,^Ô there exists an on-line game created by 
the artist called ^ÓAwélé,^Ô which can be played at the Salon or from home. ^ÓAwélé^Ô 
is produced by Divento. Meschac Gaba was born in 1961 in Cotonou, Benin. He lives 
and works in Amsterdam.

With the generous support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands/
Institut Néerlandais, the AFAA-Programme Afrique en Création and the Mondrian 
Foundation of Amsterdam.

29 Jan >
Michael Lin

Michael Lin has created a work in the Palais^Òs bar, a floor painting that 
absorbs the surrounding space, spreading up and over the walls from the 
ground like a luminous expanse. An explicitly decorative work borrowing the 
floral motifs of traditional popular Taiwanese culture, a gesture of resistance 
vis-à-vis Western aesthetic criteria.

Born in 1964. Lives and works in Taipei.

Part of the national art commissions sponsored by the Délégation aux arts 
plastiques (DAP)-Ministry of Culture and Communication.

29 Jan > 20 Apr - The Palais de Tokyo Gardens
Robert Milin : ^ÓThe Inhabitants^Ò Garden^Ô
Atelier Le Balto : « The Wild Garden »

Along rue de la Manutention, Robert Milin revives the model working-class 
garden. With his ^Óinhabitants^Ò garden,^Ô Milin eschews conceptions of health 
and salubrity, emphasizing relaxation and leisure and reworking a public space 
to create gardens for the life they generate.

Robert Milin, Lives and works in Brittany.
Atelier Le Balto : Laurent Dugua and Marc Pouzo
Laurent Dugua, born in 1967. Marc Pouzol, born in 1966. Live and work in Berlin

Part of the nationally commissioned artworks program of the Délégation aux 
arts plastiques (DAP)-Ministry of Culture and Communication.

16 Jan > 27 Jan - Tokyorama
Eléonore de Montesquiou
^ÓLa tournée^Ô (The round)

Drink a cup of coffee in the neighborhood with Eléonore de Montesquiou and 
tell her about an object that is dear to you^×a Tokyorama in the form of an 
intimate conversation. De Montesquiou then passes on the description she^Òs 
just heard to a street artist-draftsman who in turn produces an image. The 
drawings executed during these encounters will be displayed in the Palais 
de Tokyo throughout the month of January.

Born in 1970. Lives and works in Berlin.
By appointment, tel. (0)6 18 53 29 51, afternoons and evenings.

29 Jan > 17 Mar 02
Mélik Ohanian
^ÓIsland of an Island^Ô and ^ÓPeripherical Communities^Ô

For his first solo show Mélik Ohanian explores the notions of territory, 
culture and community. A metaphor of a new outlook on the world, ^ÓIsland 
of an Island^Ô invites visitors to discover a volcanic island that emerged 
off Iceland in the 1960s. The artist continues his examination with 
^ÓPeripherical Communities,^Ô a kind of modern musical comedy.

^ÓPeripherical Communities^Ô is produced with the generous assistance of the 
Caisse des dépôts et consignations as part of their Module program.
^ÓIsland of an Island^Ô enjoys the support of the Délégation aux arts plastiques 
(DAP) as part of the Fiacre and Images-mouvement grants program.

^ÓLiving Momento^Ô
The ^ÓLiving Momentos^Ô, vivid extensions of Melik Ohanian^Òs artworks, are shared 
moments existing during his exhibition. Seven moments, seven invitations.

- Living Momento 001: 22 JAN>>15H-19H
- Living Momento 002: 01FEV>>20H-24H^Å

A detailed program will soon be available

Born in 1969. Lives and works in Paris.

29 Jan>
Henrik Plenge Jakobsen
^ÓDeath^Ô 1998-2002

Henrik Plenge Jakobsen is raising a pirate^Òs flag over the Palais de Tokyo at the 
building^Òs entrance. The skull effigy, which he appropriated in 1998, is a computer 
icon announcing banned software. The icon has repeatedly appeared since in various 
forms in his work.

In this instance the artist transforms the appearance of the Palais^Òs building into 
a pirate vessel, pointing up the institution^Òs power. This project is clearly in 
keeping with his work to date, which questions man^Òs relationship to authority and 
society through a wide range of means.

Born in 1957. Lives and works in Copenhagen.

29 Jan > 31 Mar 02
29 Jan > 9 June 02 - WallProject
Navin Rawanchaikul

The enactment of a joyous trip through art history (past and future) undertaken by a 
curator, ^ÓCuratorman,^Ô and an old artist, the exhibition ^ÓSuper(m)art^Ô extends right 
up to the Palais^Òs large entrance wall. Navin Rawanchaikul^Òs multiform project examines 
the situation of art today, questioning the relationships between art, the institution 
and society.

Born in 1971. Lives and works in Thailand and Japan. 

With the generous support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, AFAA, the Claudine & 
Jean-Marc Salomon Collection, Shiseido and agnès b-Point d^Òironie.

29 Jan >
Beat Streuli

Beat Streuli uses the Palais de Tokyo itself as a light box, displaying his translucent 
images on the windows along avenue du Président Wilson. His portraits take on a monumental 
dimension there while the anonymous aspect of the models he has captured on film is 
forgotten, overshadowed by a detail of a subject^Òs clothing, a color of skin, the form 
of a mouth, or the gravity of an expression.

Born in 1957 Lives and works in Düsseldorf.

Part of the nationally commissioned artworks program of the Délégation aux arts plastiques 
(DAP)-Ministry of Culture and Communication.

29 Jan > 2 March 02 - Tokyogames 
Team cHmAn

^ÓOpniyama^Ô is the first of a series of games that artists and game designers are being 
commissioned to devise. This game allows players to use a visual palette of objects drawn 
up by AKI, a Japanese web designer, and participate by following rules invented by Team cHmAn.
After a proposal by Laurence Dreyfus
Team cHmAn:
Designer: Sébastien Kochman, born in 1972, lives and works in Lille
Programmer: Gomoy, born in 1975, lives and works in Lille
Web designer: Aki, born in 1972, lives and works in Tokyo

29 Jan > 17 Feb 02
The Stand

A free review devoted to contemporary art, +3301 installs its offices and editorial staff 
at the Stand, a zone of free expression located in the entrance to the Palais de Tokyo. 
The review +3301 thus hopes to encourage interaction between editorial projects and the 
general public, transforming the Stand into an intermediary territory for micro-events in 
connection with ^Óplanète +3301.^Ô The +3301 stand will also become the editorial room of the 
^ÓGazette du Palais,^Ô a newspaper to be printed throughout the opening month of this site for 
contemporary arts. A different editor-in-chief will be responsible for each issue of the 

29 Jan >
Tokyo TV

A preview of upcoming programming, a pilot for a television series, or a set of interludes, 
Tokyo TV is a project in search of the final form it will take, a group of artists^Ò viewpoints 
laid over a TV program grid (current events, talk shows, commercial advertisements, sports, 
scientific or cultural programs^Å) Twenty-five international artists have taken part in putting 
together Tokyo TV with original works organized into short sequences. Tokyo TV is not, however, 
a collection of artists videos edited end to end, but a specific project that combines both 
videos and sequences especially created for this program.

A coproduction of the Palais de Tokyo, site for contemporary arts/Groupe Première Heure. 2001.
Participating artists: Ana Laura Alaez, Rebecca Bournigault, Olaf Breuning, Eric Duyckaerts, 
Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, Kendell Geers, Grennan & Sperandio, Alexander Györfi, Yoshimasa 
Ishibashi, Pierre Joseph, Surasi Kusolwong, Matthieu Laurette, Saverio Lucariello, Pascale Marthine 
Tayou, Mélik Ohanian, Daniel Pflumm, Franck Scurti, Michael Smith, Georgina Starr, Annika Ström, 
Sidney Stücki, Vibeke Tandberg, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Wang Du.
Hosted by Katya Bonnenfant

11 Jan > 1 Feb 02
^ÓToxic dans ton coeur^Ô at the Frac Corse

^ÓToxic dans ton coeur^Ô has its roots in a workshop organized at the Cap Corse in May 2001 by 
Le Pavillon, the Palais de Tokyo^Òs educational service. The exhibition details the activity of 
an eclectic group that wanted both to produce a collective piece and to present individual works 
created in Corsica. Each of the participants tamed nature in his or her own way, some wishing to 
capture representative images, others seeking out the surprising and the provocative.

Agnès Accorsi. Charlotte Beaurepaire, Guillaume Bruère, Laetitia Carlotti, Hsia-Fei Chang, 
Aurélyen, Gérald Decroux, Simonetta Fadda, Martial Galfione, Ange Leccia, Seul-Gi Lee, Julia 
Rometti, Jean-Luc Vilmouth

In collaboration with the Frac Corse and with the generous support of Corsica^Òs Collectivité 

7 Feb >> 6:30 pm, 16 Feb >> 4 pm
23 Feb >> 4 pm, 28 Feb >> 6:30 pm - Tokyorama
Jacques Villéglé

An ^Óaffichiste^Ô in the new realism movement, Jacques Villéglé leads participants in his Tokyorama 
along the neighborhood sidewalks near the Palais de Tokyo for a lesson in psychogeography. Delving 
into his memory (the International Exposition of 1937, the Paris Biennial, etc.), Villéglé opens 
our minds to the visual and spiritual resources of the city.

Born in 1926. Lives and works in Paris.


Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux^Òs NONOSE CLUB 

As if he were on the stage of a popular television show, Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux hosts an evening 
of ^Óconversation salons^Ô and ^Óacts^Ô (performers, musicians, poets), after which a disc jockey 
takes over for a ^Ófinal lap.^Ô Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux has definitively turned in his red clown^Òs 
nose, the better to play the part of the ringmaster.

Program of events:
Wednesday, 6 February (9 pm to midnight): ^Óconversation salons^Ô: the review Trouble (Boris Achour, 
Claire Jacquet, François Piron); artists on display at the Palais de Tokyo; Stéphane Bérard presents 
his film ^ÓL^Òécart.^Ô ^ÓActs^Ô by Vincent Labaume, Bertrand Segers (itinerant architect) and Eric 
Madeleine. A ^Ófinal lap^Ô hosted by Marie-Pierre Bonniol.

The next NONOSE CLUB, Wednesday, 6 March

Tokyo Eyes

Debates touching on current political, economic and social topics in connection with contemporary 
art, hosted by Jean-Marie Durand (Les Inrockuptibles). 

Wed 13 Feb >> 9pm ^Ö 11pm
The New International, towards a different globalization

Since the terrorist attacks of 11 September and in the wake of recent international summits 
(G8, OMC, etc.), we have witnessed the transformation of international affairs. While 
multinational companies are reinforcing their power, a vast ill-defined network of militants 
is developing that comprises an eclectic antiglobalization movement. Following the projection 
of a documentary film and in conjunction with the presentation of ATTAC^Òs political platform, 
Jean-Marie Durand invites several of its participants to discuss the issues.

The next evening discussion: Wednesday, 13 March, ^ÓLes ombres de la ville^Ô 
(The Shadows of the City).

A writer/an artist

For the last Wednesday of each month, an encounter between a writer and an artist.


Since the invention of the cinema camera in 1895, the moving image has invaded the sphere 
of art. While the video medium has its specific qualities (historical, technical and 
aesthetic), it is impossible to speak of ^Óvideo art.^Ô Rather, what is fundamentally at 
stake is observing contemporary art by way of the video paradigm. The moving image workshop 
is based on viewing numerous classic or contemporary works (video tapes, experimental cinema, 
artist films, animation, etc.) and developing a critical outlook.

By request (maximum 15 people)
Short series of three two-hour programs: 30/25 euros
Long series of six two-hour programs: 60/40 euros


^Õ The members of the Palais de Tokyo staff are ready and eager to engage visitors of every 
stripe in a dialog touching on the artists and works on display. Whether it^Òs a simple piece 
of information you^Òre looking for, a longer visit you want to organize, or a recommendation 
for a catalog or other exhibition you need, the Palais^Òs staff is available from your arrival 
at the site right up to your departure.

^Õ Helpful information to add to your visit (handouts on artists and exhibitions, 
bibliographies, etc.) can be printed up at your request.

^Õ Visit-lectures
An exhibition visit-lecture is included in admission price:
- Tuesdays to Fridays at 7pm
- Weekends at 4pm

Group visit-lectures
groups (maximum 15 people)
visit-lecture conducted by a staff mediator and lasting one and a half hours
Fee: 100 euros*

Foreign-language visits (English, Spanish, Italian, Russian ) organized by request
Fee: 100 euros*

School visit-lectures 
Conducted by a staff mediator and lasting one and a half hours (for groups of students 
and teachers from French public schools)
Fee: 70 euros1
Series of three visits
Fee: 150 euros

Visits adapted to the blind or to persons with impaired vision, or to persons suffering 
from other handicaps can be arranged by request.

* including admission
Education coordination contact: Stéphane Delanoë, tel. (33-1) 47 23 56 51


A series of books that aims to bring together the thoughts of contemporary culture^Òs 
protagonists on the central questions. Following ^ÓWhat Do You Expect from an Art Institution 
in the 21st Century,^Ô Tokyobook 2 offers readers a broad range of responses to the question 
^ÓWhat is the role of the artist today?^Ô

French/English: 7.5 euros
Graphic design: M/M, Paris

You can follow developments at the Palais de Tokyo thanks to the documentaries produced by 
Art Films, shown on video screens around the Palais.


Palais de Tokyo
Site for contemporary art
13, avenue du Président Wilson
75116 Paris, France
tel. (33-1) 47 23 38 86 

Open everyday except Monday from noon to midnight

Regular admission: 5 euros
Reduced admission: 3 euros (students ^Ö26 years old, senior citizens, teachers)

bus lines: 32, 42, 63, 72, 80, 82, 92 
Metro: the 9 line: Iéna or Alma Marceau stations
RER C : Alma Marceau 
Parking : avenue du Président Wilson 

Accessibility for handicapped visitors
The Palais de Tokyo is accessible to persons using wheelchairs. Wheelchairs are available to 
the public. 

tel. (33-1) 49 52 02 04  fax. (33-1) 49 52 02 77

Eric Wapler: tel. (06) 14 082 082 


Palais de Tokyo
Site for contemporary art
2, rue de la Manutention
F-75116 Paris
T+33 1 4723 5401 F+33 1 4720 1531

Relations with the public: 
tel. (33-1) 47 23 56 51 

Press service: 
tel. (33-1) 47 23 52 00 

The Palais de Tokyo, site for contemporary arts is generously supported by the Délégation 
aux arts plastiques-Ministry of Culture and Communication, JAS Hennessy & Co., Pioneer, 
the Caisse des dépôts et consignations and Bloomberg.

Electronic Flux Corporation

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