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Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 19:28:15 +0100
Subject: THE COLOUR OF EVERYTHING - Two new lists from Heart Fine Art Ltd.

Part One


Aragon, Arp, Artaud, Aubray, Audiberti Bousquet, Breton  Bucaille, 
Caillois, Carrington, Dali, Damme, Dubuffet,  Eluard,  Heine,  Jorn, 
Kinetisist Movement, Leiris,  Oelze,  Penrose,  Peret,  Picasso, 
Querschnitt, Surrealism, Toyen.


Part Two


Acconci, Andre, Art & Language, Barney,  Beau Geste, Beuys, 
Boltanski, Buren, Darboven, Dean, Dine, Export, Fischer, Fluxus, 
Fulton, Garnier, Gilbert & George, Gonzalez-Torres, Heinisch, 
Immendorff, Judd, Kantor, Knizak, Kosuth, Kudo, Long, Der Lowe, 
Nauman, Nonas, Oppenheim,  Pezold,  Prince, Rae, Rauschenberg, 
Richter, Rist, Rosenbach, Ruscha, Serra, Smith, Soutter,  Spur Group, 
Turk, Wall, Warhol, Weiner, Whitman and others.



Aragon, Louis.
LA GRANDE GAITE. Avec 2 dessins d'Yves Tanguy.
Paris: Gallimard, 1929. Large 8vo. 126pp. Two full-page b/w 
illustrations by Tanguy. Original wrappers. First edition of Aragon's 
last great Surrealist-period work. One of only 75 on velin bouffant 
lafuma-navarre from a total issue of 351 + 20 h.c. copies. A very 
good+ example of this elusive title.

575 uk pounds

Arp, Hans & Huidobro, Vincente.
Paris: Fontaine, collection (L'Age d'Or), 1945.
12mo. 30pp. Original pictorial wrappers (designed for the series by 
Mario Prassinos). First edition of these collaborative experimental 
tales composed by Arp and the Chilean Dadaist poet and novelist 
Huidobro. One of 400 numbered examples from a total issue of 475. A 
very good+ copy. Uncommon.

80 uk pounds

Artaud, Antonin.
Paris: K. Editeur, 1947.
8vo. 76pp. Original pictorial wrappers. First edition of this 
obsessive discursive work by Artaud. One of 630 numbered examples on 
Marais Crevecoeur (aside from 30 h.c.). A very good+ copy. Scarce.

265 uk pounds

Artaud, Antonin.
CI-GIT. Precede de la Culture Indienne.
Paris: K. Editeur, 1947.
Small 8vo. 50pp. Original wrappers. First edition. One of a series of 
truly inspired investigations from the author's increasingly dire 
post-WWII period. One of 435 numbered on velin pur fil du marais, 
after 15 'du tete' on japon and apart from 35 h.c. examples (total 
issue). A very good+ example. Scarce.

300 uk pounds

Artaud, Antonin.
enregistree le 28 novembre 1947. Texte integral suivi de variantes, 
extraits de presse et 8 lettres.
Paris: K. Editeur, 1948.
Small 8vo. 112pp. Original wrappers. First edition of the complete 
transcription of this compelling dramatic piece for radio by Artaud. 
Includes variant passages, press reports in wake of the original 
broadcast and related correspondence. One of 400 numbered on chiffon 
du marais, after 35 'du tete', apart from 25 h.c. copies. A very 
good+ example. Scarce.

175 uk pounds

Aubray, Therese.
DEFENSE DE LA TERRE. Battements III. Preface de Leon-Paul Fargue.
Paris: GLM, 1937.
12mo. Original wrappers. First edition of this experimental poetic 
work by the para-Surrealist author as prefaced by the influential 
modernist poet Fargue. One of 410 numbered examples on velin. A fine 
copy of this uncommon GLM imprint.

100 uk pounds

Audiberti, Jacques.
L'OUVRE-BOITE. Colloque Abhumaniste.
Paris: Gallimard, 1952.
8vo. 201pp. Four full-page abstract designs by Camille Bryen. 
Original wrappers. First edition of this work by the prominent 
modernist author, as illustrated by the para-Surrealist Bryen. A very 
good+ example. Scarce.

65 uk pounds

Bousquet, Joe.
Paris: Minuit, 1947.
Small 8vo. 42pp. Original wrappers. First edition of this uncommon 
collection by the intrepid Surrealist poet. Bousquet was serverely 
(permanently) disabled, owing to injuries suffered in WWI. 
Nevertheless, his extraordinary poetic and editorial accomplishments 
spanned some three decades. There were no large paper or 'du tete' 
copies issued of this title. A close to fine example.

100 uk pounds

Breton, Andre.
Paris: Editions Surrealistes, 1926.
Small 8vo. 28pp. Original wrappers. First edition. Content of a 
vigorous response to the attacks of Henri Barbusse and the 
'L'Humanite' group upon the Surrealist project. A very good+ example. 
Increasingly scarce.

175 uk pounds

(Breton, Andre).
Arnim, Achim von.
CONTES BIZARRES. Introduction de Andre Breton. Preface et traduction 
de Theophile Gautier.
Paris: Arcanes, 1953.
8vo. 236pp. Three b/w images by Wolfgang Paalen. Original wrappers 
with pictorial design (also) by Paalen. First edition thus of 
Gautier's important translation of these darkly humored tales by the 
visionary German Romantic, as introduced by Breton and pictorially 
'signified' by Paalen. Early on, Breton designated Arnim as a 
Surrealist precursor ('Arnim is Surrealist absolutely, in space and 
time'). A close to fine copy in like laminated dustwrapper, which 
repeats Paalen's cover design. Uncommon.

100 uk pounds

(Bucaille, Max).
Charleroi: Le Rouge et le Noir (17-30 Oct.), 1959.
25.6 x 30cm. Single sheet printed with text by Bealu & lists of works 
exhibited. The uncommon catalogue/announcement for this exhibition of 
works by the Surrealist affiliate Bucaille. Noteworthy for the poetic 
text by the experimental poet and editor of 'Realities Secretes'. 
Folded, else a very good example.

35 uk pounds

Caillois, Roger.
Paris: Perlin, 1951.
8vo. 156pp. Original decorative wrappers. First edition of this 
quartet of critical essays on the 'sacred' by the one-time 
Surrealist, translator & co-founder of the 'College de Sociologie'. A 
very good+ example of an uncommon title.

80 uk pounds

Carrington, Leonora.
PIGEON VOLE. Contes Retrouves. Traduction: Jacqueline 
Chenieux-Gendron & Didier Vidal.
Cognac: Le Temps qu'i Fait, 1986.
Small 8vo. 152pp. Original wrappers. First edition of this uncommon 
collection of fantastic tales by Carrington. One of 1000 copies 
issued. A fine example in like pictorial dustwrapper after a design 
by the author/artist.

55 uk pounds

Dali, Salvador
Paris: N.P., 18 Mai 1968
8vo. Card wrappers - a political(if typically self-absorbed text) by 
the later right-wing surrealist who had notoriously backed Franco and 
had embraced both the church and the conservative state by the 
sixties. Unsurprisingly the events of Mai' 68 do not find any great 
support. An interesting late curiosity.  Fine condition.

95 uk pounds

(Damme, Suzanne van).
Lecomte, Marcel.
Brussels: Editions la Boetie, 1946.
4to. 179pp. + xi. Numerous b/w reproductions + tipped-on plates in 
color after works by the artist. Original cloth. First edition of 
this earliest and most extensive monograph (to date) detailing the 
works of the underlooked Belgian Surrealist van Damme. Text by the 
poet Lecomte. Some surface soiling and slight bowing to cloth, else a 
very good example of this uncommon documentation.

70 uk pounds

Dubuffet, Jean.
Paris: Compagnie de l'Art Brut, 1947.
20 x 25cm. single printed sheet. The founding mission-statement of 
'Compagnie de l'Art Brut'. This non-profit organization initiated by 
Dubuffet (with the support of Andre Breton, Michel Tapie, and others) 
was an ongoing vehicle for the exhibition, and presentation of works 
by artists in institutionalized circumstances; and thus removed from 
socio-cultural influences. Printed signatures at end. Formerly 
folded, else a very good example of this decisive document. Rare.

175 uk pounds

Eluard, Paul.
Paris: Editions Surrealistes, 1930.
12mo. Unbound signatures comprising 16pp. Self-wrappers. First 
edition of this cycle of Surrealist love poems by Eluard. One of only 
a handful (perhaps six) printed on rose paper, from the total issue 
of approximately 30 copies. A very good+ example of this exceedingly 
rare title.

325 uk pounds

Eluard, Paul.
AVENIR DE LA POESIE. Conference a la Comedie des Champs-Elysees le 
Samedi 2 Octobre a 16h15. Exposition Internationale Surrealiste, 
Paris: 1937.
Paris: GLM, 1937.
Small 8vo. 20pp. Original wrappers with a pictorial design by Pablo 
Picasso. First edition. This text was delivered by Eluard at the 
title seminar, which he organized for the International Surrealist 
Exhibition of 1937 (Paris). Beyond Eluard's framing contribution, the 
event consisted of readings from the poetic works of Apollinaire, 
Breton, Char, Lautreamont, Peret, Michaux, Reverdy, et. al.  All 
examples were printed on velin fort, sans any 'du tete' or large 
paper issue. This is the Surrealist poet Noel Arnaud's copy and bears 
his 'stamped' ex-libris as designed by Jacques Herold at the 
fly-leaf. Some minor wear to back cover, else a very good+ examples 
of this elusive document.

300 uk pounds

Eluard, Paul.
LE PHENIX. Avec dix-huit dessins de Valentine Hugo.
Paris: GLM, 1951.
Small 4to  61pp. 17 full-page b/w illustrations by Valentine Hugo. 
Original pictorial wrappers (also) designed by Hugo. First edition of 
this last collaboration between the poet and artist (Eluard died in 
1952). Hugo's designs include Surrealist portraits of both Eluard and 
his wife. One of 1200 numbered examples on velin blanc from a total 
issue of 1425. A very good+ copy of this attractive livre d'artiste. 

280 uk pounds

Heine, Maurice.
LA MORT POSTUME (Fouilles d'Antinoe).
N.p.: self-published, 1917.
8vo. Original wrappers. First edition of the author's first book. One 
of 150 numbered examples on velin blanc de Holland from a total 
edition of 202. This copy signed. Heine was the acknowledged 
'inventor of Sade' in the 20th Century, owing to his passionate and 
tireless scholarly searching out and subsequent re-contextualization 
of the latter's oeuvre. Anecdotally, Heine had made a pact of sorts 
with Apollinaire to carry out a similar project. However, the poet's 
premature death left Heine to his own devices. Throughout the 20's & 
30's (beyond the aforementioned Sadean pursuits), Heine participated 
in Surrealist group activities and those of the short-lived 
'Contre-Attaque' faction. Some minor use to wrappers and intermittent 
internal foxing, else a very good+ example. Rare.

280 uk pounds

(Jorn, Asger).
Copenhagen: Galerie Birch, 1964.
21 x 29.7cm. 26pp. 26 b/w reproductions after works by Jorn (dating 
from 1962-63). Original wrappers. First edition of this catalogue 
issued to celebrate Jorn's 50th birthday. Appropriately, some pages 
are black and red. One of only 500 numbered copies issued. A very 
good+ copy of this uncommon documentation.

50 uk pounds

(Kineticist manifest).
LE MOUVEMENT. Texts by Pontus Hulten, Roger Bordier & Victor Vasarely.
Paris: Galerie Denise Rene, 1955.
4to. Single yellow sheet folded to comprise two printed sections. Two 
diagrammatic designs by Vasarely. The original manifest for this 
epochal exhibition, which included kinetic experiments by Agam, Bury, 
Calder, Duchamp, Jacobsen, Soto, Tinguely & Vasarely. A very good 
example. Folded as issued. Scarce.

85 uk pounds

Leiris, Michel.
Paris: Fontaine, collection 'L'Age d'Or', 1945.
12mo. 68pp. Original printed wrappers (designed for the series by 
Mario Prassinos). First edition of this signature immediate post-war 
work by Leiris. One of 600 numbered examples on velin blanc from a 
total issue of 625. A very good+ copy. Scarce.

100 uk pounds

(Oelze, Richard).
Schmied, Wieland.
RICHARD OELZE - 1900-1980. Gemalde und Zeichnungen.
Berlin: Akademie der Kunst, 1987.
22 x 28cm. 280pp. Reproductions throughout in b/w and color after 
works by the artist. Pictorial wrappers. First edition. The extensive 
monograph produced on the occasion of the title retrospective. 
Oelze's work bridged the new objectivism of the 1930's and 
Surrealism. Includes an illustrated catalogue raisonne, biography & 
bibliography. A fine copy.

70 uk pounds

Penrose, Valentine.
Paris: Fontaine, collection 'L'Age d'Or', 1945.
12mo. 28pp. Pictorial wrappers (designed for the series) by Mario 
Prassinos. First edition of this short prose work by the Surrealist 
author and artist. One of 450 numbered examples (after 25 'du tete') 
issued. A very good+ copy. Scarce.

70 uk pounds

Peret, Benjamin.
Paris: 'Un Divertissement' (privately printed), 1937.
12mo. Unbound signatures comprising 16pp. Self-wrappers. First 
edition of this work by the Surrealist author and polemicist. 
Privately printed in an edition of only 100 numbered copies (after 15 
'du tete'), 'Au Paradis Fantomas' is undoubtedly one of the most 
obscure of Peret's bookworks of the 1930's. A fine example preserved 
(in later) archival card box. Rare.

425 uk pounds

Peret, Benjamin.
Paris: Fontaine,  1946.
12mo. 40pp. Stiff, pictorial wrappers. First edition of this virulent 
poetic statement by Peret. Issued in immediate aftermath of his 
wartime exile in Mexico. One of 750 numbered examples on velin from 
the total issue of 775. A fine copy of this demure and very uncommon 

150 uk pounds

(Picasso, Pablo).
PICASSO. Issued as 'Les Pages Libres de la Main a Plume'. No.12. 
Collective (uncredited) text.
Paris: Editions de la Main a Plume, 1942.
12mo. 16pp. 5 b/w reproductions of works by Picasso. Pictorial 
wrappers after a drawing by the artist (dated 1941). First edition of 
this clandestinely published wartime Surrealist publication. Composed 
of an anonymous, and presumably collective homage to Picasso. This 
was the last of the pamphlet works issued in the series 'Les Pages 
Libres de la Main a Plume', which included contributions by Noel 
Arnaud, Andre Breton, Benjamin Peret, Christian Dotremont, et. al. 
One of 250 examples on papier couche, after 15 'du tete'. A very good 
copy of this fragile item. Scarce.

125 uk pounds

DER QUERSCHNITT. 8th yr., no.1. Herausgebr: H. v. Wedderkop.
Berlin: Propylaen Verlag, Jan. 1928.
Small 4to. 78pp. B/w drawings by Fernand Leger, George Grosz, E.L. 
Kirchner, Ottomar Starke, et. al. + many duotone photos as reportage. 
Original stapled wrappers with cover design by Leger. Single number 
of this long-lived modernist journal of art and literature. This 
issue includes textual and/or pictorial contributions from Franz 
Blei, Fernand Leger, George Grosz, E.L. Kirchner, among others. 
Typical minor wear to wrappers, else in very good estate.

50 uk pounds

(Surrealist tract).
Paris: self-published, 1947.
Two quarto leaves, comprising four pages. The founding manifest of 
the short-lived dissident Surrealist faction, as founded by Noel 
Arnaud (in France) and Christian Dotremont (in Belgium). This 
statement is (in part) prototypical of Cobra's underlying principles. 
Within a matter of months both Arnaud and Dotremont would align 
themselves with the Cobra movement. Co-signed by Arnard, Y. 
Battistini, E. Jaguer, H. Juin, J. Laude, et. al. A very good+ 
example of this keynote transitional document. Scarce.

135 uk pounds


(Toyen ne Marie Cerminova).
Capek, Jan B.
Prague: F.J. Mueller, 1931.
8vo. 44 (xii)pp. Five full-page hand-coloured illustrations by Toyen. 
Original wrappers. First edition of these poems after 'The Song of 
Songs', as accompanied by five striking 'Artificialist' hand-coloured 
compositions by Toyen. One of only 105 examples on japan, of which 25 
were not for sale (total edition). Laid into this example is the rare 
prospectus for this title, content of 4 variant hand-coloured images 
by Toyen and a holograph notice from the publisher. A remarkably 
pristine example in like publisher's slipcase of this extremely 
elusive work.

1,450 uk pounds

Breton, Andre.
Paris: Editions Robert Marin, 1948.
Small 8vo. 72pp. Frontispiece original lithograph by Toyen + 
full-page photo-portrait of the author by Elisa Breton. Wrappers with 
a pictorial design by Toyen. First edition of this important 
post-WWII work by Breton. One of 350 numbered examples on velin to 
include the original lithograph by Toyen, apart from 2000 examples. 
The cover design by Toyen is quite intriguing. A close to fine 
example. Scarce.

245 uk pounds

TOYEN. Aphorismes de Andre Breton, Jean Pierre Duprey, Jindrich 
Heisler, Ado Kyrou, Benjamin Peret.
Paris: A L'etoile Scellee, 1953.
Poster/catalogue. 17.9 x 32.9cm. Light pink stock printed on both 
sides. Recto with cut-out pictorial design by Toyen. Verso, with 
aphoristic text statements and list of works exhibited. The scarce 
catalogue in poster format for this major exhibition of works by the 
emigre Czech Surrealist. The attractive cut-out design by the artist 
consists of two facing hands with thumbs joined to index fingers. A 
very good+ example of this ephemeral piece.

245 uk pounds


23 (33) Images de l'art francais
Moscow: Maison Centrale De L'Artiste, 1989
Group show including Boltanski, Buren, Calle, Filliou, Le Gac, 
Messenger,  and others. 4 colour postcards in printed envelope with 2 
offset inserts - texts in Russian and French. Four views of the 
exhibition are reporduced recto in full colour. One closed tear to 
the envelope, otherwise fine.

35 uk pounds

(Acconci, Vito).
by Catherine Queloz, Claude Cortinovis, et. al. Geneva: Sous-Sol, 
1988. 18cm. sq. folding card box with pasted-down title label. 
Content of 50 unbound sheets, including ten b/w photo-documents & two 
long-playing audio cassettes ('Ten Packed Minutes', 1977 & 'Anchors', 
1972). First edition of this excellent catalogue assemblage. Composed 
of text, image & audio documentation of primary performance works by 
the artist. All elements in fine estate in like box.

110 uk pounds

Andre, Carl
Dusseldorf: Konrad Fisher, 1971
14.5 x 10.5 cm scarceexhibition invitation card - b/w recto 
illustration of the instruction drawing for the work. This a mailed 
copy. Very good.

20 uk pounds

ANDRE, Carl.
Mönchengladbach, Städtisches Museum, 1968.
Cardboard box with platic lid content of a booklet consisting of 2 
folding parts in wrappers with folded 400 x 16 cm white tablecloth. 
One of only
660 copies. Fine.

450 uk pounds

Other boxes from this series including Byars, Long, Richter and 
Weiner (or even an entire set) may be available - please enquire.

Eindhoven, Van Abbemuseum, 1980.
4-tro. 414 pp plus card covers.  133 b/w reproductions of various Art 
& Language publications and works.  Printed in 500 copies. Text in 
Dutch and English with inserted Dutch publisher's errata slip. 
Notable is the reprinted discourse on how to display the air 
conditioning in a gallery  as the art work. Scarce. Very good 
condition apart from some very neat ink marks on the contents page 
and a neat former owner's name on the inside rear cover.

85 uk pounds

(Barney, Matthew)
Minneapolis: Walker Art Centre, 1999.
X-Large clothing multiple - black long sleeved heavy cotton t-shirt. 
A deliberate parody of the current Indie-clothing, this is an artist 
designed t-shirt sold as ephemera at the showing of Cremaster 2 at 
the Walker. Front is a full colour skull, hive and flag motif bound 
in flame. Back is the Cremaster logo over printed with the "tour 
details" ie the showing of C2 at the Walker. Down each sleeve are the 
texts: "The drones' exposition" and "Cremaster 2". Hip.

50 uk pounds


(Barney, Matthew/ Bepler, Jonathan)
USA: n.p., 1999.
Standard audio cd picture disc in jewel case and with 24pp pictorial 
artist designed pictorial insert (with lyrics to Bepler's score for 
Cremaster 2). From an edition of 500 copies, this copy is signed in 
ink on the picture disc by both Barney and Bepler. The Cremaster 
series is soon to be completed by Barney with the release of # 3 
which is set in an Irish bar seemingly atop of the Chrysler Building 
and ends at the Giant's Causeway. A masterpiece of  art, the entire 
schema for what Barney insists are sculptures in film should be 
revealed at last. This is the music from the most recent release - 
which had Gary Gilmore as Houdini's grandson. Mint condition.

55 uk pounds

Beau Geste Press.
Devon: Beau Geste Press, c. 1974.
Small 4to 5pp. Full-page diagrams of the title 'processor'. Stapled 
self-wrappers. First issue of this uncommon manifest, which begins 
with a quote by Sitting Bull. The body of the text concerns the 
preservation of the earth's resources and is interspersed with 
diagrammatic proposals for the construction and use of the 
'Continuous Production Anaerobic Tank'. A close to fine example.

50 uk pounds

Beuys, Joseph and  Byars James Lee
Verona: Factotum Art, 1980
38.5 x 54cm wooden box containing ten 35 x 50 cm graphite on black 
wove  by Byars and Beuys (5 from each artist). All are black on black 
and textual in character. Sheets are all numbered I to IIIIIIIIII and 
a Byars print is then followed by a corresponding Beuys' print next 
in sequence. printed lower right and inscribed in pencil verso. Each 
print is framed in pairs (one of Beuys is framed next to the 
corresponding Byars print in each frame under passporteau) This is 
number X from XXX copies, a really nice set. (For a partial 
description see - Schellman 339 - 343)

3,500 uk pounds net

Boltanski, Christian
Saynetes Comiques
Brussels: 1975
4-to lansdscape. 32pp printed b/w recto only. Boltanski re-enacting 
scenes from his life against painted backgrounds without any attempt 
at disguise or realism. Original 1st edition. Fine condition.

95 uk pounds

Boltanski, Christian
Two early b/w postcards
Antibes: ARROCARIA editions 1975
14.5 x 10.5cm.  Boltanski the family man with apuppet. Both scarce 
documents -  Ref:. Konig: Schenkung Christian Boltanski # 107 and 
#108 respectively. Fine condition.

75 uk pounds for the pair.

Boltanski, Christian
Tilburg: De Pont, 1997
38 x 58cm unfolded. 4 sheets of double sided b/w posters folded to 
create a quasi - tabloid newspaper. The images are of greatly 
magnified staring eyes. Accusatory. In original (unposted) printed 
mailing band - as issued. Edition know known. Fine condition except 
for a slight nick on the mailing band.

25 uk pounds

Buren, Daniel.
Paris: Yvon Lambert Editeur, 1970.
21 x 30cm. 16 pp. 15 illustrations, including a foldout tryptych of 
diagrams printed in colors. Printed wrappers. First edition of this 
key theoretical work, which details Buren's concepts of 'serial 
obliteration'. A fine copy. Uncommon.

60 uk pounds

Buren, Daniel.
Eindhoven: Van Abbemuseum, 1981.
18 x 24.5 cm. 40 pp. 24 illustrations (one in color). Printed 
wrappers. First edition. One of 850 copies printed. Texts by the 
artist. A fine copy.

35 uk pounds

Byars, James Lee
This is the Ghost of James Lee Byars Calling.
Los Angeles: Eugenia Butler Gallery, 1969.
15cm dia. (9.5cm approx per side) 5-sided Gold Announcement Card. 
Offset lithograph text on recto in red  "This is the Ghost of James 
Lee Byars Calling; 615 North la Ceinega; Los Angeles, California, 
USA."  The very scarce invitation card sent out to a small number of 
invited guests to the one of Byars'   "Ghost" 
performances/installations of 1969 . One performance saw Butler 
deliberately refused access to her own gallery office thanks to a red 
wall built by Byars and over the 5 days of the exhibition access to 
the entire gallery was eventually and gradually restricted to a small 
hole in another specially constructed red wall across the frontage. 
Very good condition.

495 uk pounds

Byars, James Lee
Mönchengladbach, Städtisches Museum, 1977.
18 x 15  x 8 cm cardboard box made from gold card - content of a 
giant sheet of black paper with text by Byars printed in gold, 
crumpled together to fit into the box. Limited Edition of 330 
numbered copies. Very good.

850 uk pounds

Byars, James Lee
Temporary Travelling Press Publications # 12. Artists Press Bern, 1978.
21 x 15 cm red card folder (opens to 21 x 30 cm). Gold printed title. 
On opening a red cord can be seen to be glued into the centerfold of 
the folder. The total length of cord is 185 cm. At exactly the mid 
pount of the cord, 3 additional cords of 92cm each are knotted onto 
the assembly. On one of these cords yet another cord is knotted after 
exactly 138 cm. Only150 copies were made, each individually numbered. 
Mint condition. Scarce.

375 uk pounds

Creed, Martin
WORK No. 88
London: W&P, 1999
297 x 210mm piece of paper (overprinted with the publication data, 
artist's name  and title) crumpled up by the artist. Signed by Creed. 
A special edition (aside from the impossible to get first edition) of 
Creed's famous conceptual piece. One of only 100. Scarce.

195 uk pounds

Darboven, Hanne
CAPC Musee, Bordeaux, France, 1986
Artist designed t-shirt (XL) with b/w  silkscreen image. One of a 
number of clothing multiples designed for CAC by the artist and 
published in an edition of only 500. Darrboven has contributed a 
design outlining a sequence of  numbers in all possible combinations 
within a series of magic squares. In original cellophane wrapping.

55 uk pounds

Dean, Tacita.
London: XX Gallery, 1997.
6 x 20cm. gray card box content of one video tape loop and hand added 
transfer lettering title. Signed and numbered by the artist. First 
issue of this scarce boxed multiple by the YBA affiliate. An 
excerpted video segment from an exploration of 'breath catching'. 
Edition of only 20 examples signed and numbered by Dean. Fine estate 
in like box.

125 uk pounds

Dean, Tacita.
London: XX Gallery, 1997.
6 x 15cm. gray card box content of one video tape loop and hand added 
transfer lettering title. Signed and numbered by the artist. As 
above. This time, the video segment records the title act in 
perpetuity (sic). Edition of only 20 examples signed and numbered by 
Dean. Fine estate in like box.

125 uk pounds

Dine, Jim
n.p., 1970
45 x 60cm  colour litho on super fine cover paper . Signed and 
numbered by the artist from a small edition of 75.  Many of Dine's 
early works concerned themselves with clothing and work tools - 
reflecting his roots in American working class culture,  his links 
with Claes Oldenberg and his influential role in early pop art (later 
repudiated by Dine). Fine condition. Unframed.

650 uk pounds  net

(Export, Valie & Rosenbach, Ulrike).
VALIE EXPORT/ULRIKE ROSENBACH. Texts by the artist, et. al.
Amsterdam: Stedelijk Museum, 1980.
20.5 x 27.5cm. 32pp. 47 b/w photo-documents + diagram. Reversible 
format (per artist). Wrappers. First edition of this dual catalogue 
retrospective, which documents selected actions and performances by 
Export and Rosenbach. Divided in two equal (reversible) sections. A 
very good+ example.

45 uk pounds

Filliou, Robert
10 Arbeiten von 1961 1 Arbeit von 1961 /1971
Koln: Galerie Michael Werner 1971
15 x 10.5cm invitation card (to "Art Intermedia, Koln") for the show 
"Robert Filliou ". Recto is an illustration of "Self Defence". Very 
good + condition - slight marks from the mailing.

45 uk pounds

Filliou, Robert
Raining Cats and Dogs
Unique work, 1969
50 x 50 x 43 cm approx. unique assemblage by Filliou . Consisting of 
two doll's chairs, two small cloth, stuffed toys (cats and dog) and 
umbrella on custom made wooden plinth with titled brass plate. 
Signed and dated by the artist ("1964 -1969")  Full. In very good 

Price on application.

Filliou, Robert
Germany: Ursula Bruner-Schwer, 1967.
Wooden box with perspex lid inclusive of 24 single-sided photographic 
b/w reproductions of various Fluxus affilated artist's hands 
(including Ayo, Cage, Williams). The transparent perspex cover is 
over-screenprinted in red to display palmistry marks allowing 
(theoretically) the viewer to read the future for the 24 
participants. One of 30 numbered and signed boxes. Fine.

1,250 uk pounds

Filliou, Robert
TELEPATHIC MUSIC No. 5,4,3,2,1. Invitation card.
New York John Gibson Gallery, (May 1-29), 1972.
15.2 x 10.6mm. Offset in black, red and blue on one side only  of a 
vellum coloured card to create the impression of  standard index card 
filled with the show's details and with "principle of equivalence 
permanent creation" stamp (offset not hand stamped).  A very fine 
example of this emphemeral document.

60 uk pounds

(Fischer, Lili).
LILI FISCHER - HAUSGEISTER. Installationen, Objekte, Zeichnungen. 
Texts by Hanna Hohl, Lothar Romain, et. al.
Heidelberg: Heidelberger Kunstverein, 1988.
21 x 30cm. 68pp. 70 b/w photo-documents. Original wrappers. First 
edition. The superb catalogue documentation of Fischer's 
thematically-related performance and installation work of the title. 
One of only 500 copies printed. A very good+ example. Uncommon.

40 uk pounds

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