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Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 17:14:22 +0300
Subject: artstream: sounds from near and far

artstream: sounds from near and far

Curated by Chris Byrne and Colin Fallows

Internet audio artstreams connecting Sofia, Edinburgh and Liverpool. Sound
works from artists from the UK, Bulgaria and across the globe on the theme
of the translocal: travel, crossing borders, migration, sounds of different
cultures and environments.

sounds from near and far is presented via two channels:

open source - curated by Chris Byrne

Chris has assembled a selection of sound works from an open submission to
New Media Scotland, Edinburgh. Sound works from 16 artists including
Diskono, Chantal Dumas, Alistair Macdonald, Public Works, Sue Mark, Janek
Schaefer, Calum Stirling, Mark Vernon, Zoe Irvine.

feedback - curated by Colin Fallows

Colin has assembled a selection of sound works by artists associated with
Liverpool School of Art and Design, John Moores University. Artists
include: John Campbell, Vanessa Cuthbert, Max Eastley, Colin Fallows,
Martin e Greil, Phil Mouldycliff, Russell Mills & Ian Walton, Robin
Rimbaud, Will Sergeant, Vergil Sharkya', Paul Simpson and John Young.

For more details on the works and to listen artists' audio projects
individually visit the artstream web site

Internet audio streaming will take place throughout Digital Weekend Sofia,
12 - 14 April 2002. Broadcasts will be presented at venues including the
National Academy of Arts, British Council and extracts will be broadcast on
Radio France International Sofia, 103.6FM.

artstream is an experimental project exploring the potentials of artists'
use of streaming media. artstream comprises occasional projects with live
and prerecorded material.

Sounds from Near and Far is a New Media Scotland project, presented as part
of Digital Weekend, a festival of digital culture organised by Iliyana
Nedkova in collaboration with the Red House Centre for Culture & Debate,
Sofia, Bulgaria and Interspace Media Art Center. Sounds from Near and Far
is supported by New Media Scotland, Liverpool School of Art and Design,
Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts,
Red House Centre for Culture and Debate, Backnet, Soros Centre for the Arts
Sofia, British Council, National Academy of Arts Sofia, Radio France
International Sofia.

Together with New Media Scotland, Edinburgh The Red House - Centre for
Culture and Debate, Sofia presents Digital Weekend - a Micro-Festival of
Digital Culture Sofia 2002 curated by Iliyana Nedkova. 12-14 April 2002 on
site at The National Academy of Arts, Sofia; on air at Radio France
International Sofia 103.6FM or on line at the artstream space

Digital Weekend features new digital art projects by Bulgarian and
international artists including desktop films, Internet audio events,
lectures, talks and much more... For further information, visit The Red
House web site:

New Media Scotland                 tel: +44 131 477 3774
P.O. Box 23434, Edinburgh EH7 5SZ  fax: +44 131 477 3775
Scotland, UK          

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