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Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 21:23:32 +0100
Subject: Beverley Hood - trans-locale at ICA

New Media Scotland and the Institute of Contemporary Arts present:

Beverley Hood - trans-locale

Live and online performance:  19:30 hrs BST, Friday, 3 May 2002 
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

To experience the live performance go to:

To experience the online performance go to:

trans-locale explores the transitory nature of interaction and examines the
potential of movement as a physical and virtual activity.

The work is an intervention within the environment of online video
conferencing, a vast network of users connecting to conferences with varied
themes, levels of experience and membership criteria. Within this still
relatively new technology, there are already certain standards which have
evolved, particularly in how users present themselves, generally staring
blankly at the computer screen.

In stark contrast to this trans-locale throws into this virtual environment
perhaps one of the most inherently physical activities, dance, and within
that one of the most stereotypically passionate and intimate of dances, the
Tango. The work broadcasts two dancers from a live performance space onto
the online video conferencing reflectors. Here they weave another level of
'dance'. A computer will automate the dancers movement around the Internet,
connecting to a conference for a set period before disconnecting and
connecting to the next.

In this way the dancers will leap from server to server, country to
country, temporarily visible to those connected to each of the selected
conference reflectors. Within the live space the viewer will observe the
dancers, within the same physical space and also witness their broadcast
image, the dancers bridging the gap for the viewer between the live space
and online environment.

trans-locale is a New Media Scotland commission in partnership with Stills
and New Moves International. The London performance is part of a tour
organised by New Media Scotland which has so far taken place in Glasgow,
Edinburgh and Tallinn, Estonia. For further information on touring
trans-locale please contact New Media Scotland at the address below.

New Media Scotland                 tel: +44 131 477 3774
P.O. Box 23434, Edinburgh EH7 5SZ  fax: +44 131 477 3775
Scotland, UK          

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