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Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 02:42:39

Dear in christ

Blessing to you and the Church in the name of our Lord
Jesus Christ. I know that this letter will come as a
surprise to you but I pray that you find in your heart
the time and will to help me pray and ask the Lord for
forgiveness of my sins for I have sinned. I have
killed, raped, and done a lot of unforgivable things
that I cannot but bow my head in shame, so please
brother, help pray for my soul and me.

My name is DAVID MULUMBA alias '' Terror'' special
Military assistant to the late president Laurent
kabila of the democratic republic of Congo. I will be
35years this year and out of this years 16 years was
spent in the bush fighting as a Guerilla. All these
years   my total devotion was to the late President. I
stole, killed and committed all kind of atrocities.
When eventually we succeeded in over- running the Late
Mobutu Sese Sekos army, I was handsomely rewarded with
the position of special military assistance of the
President. Aside being his Chief Security officer, I
was also charged with the responsibility of ensuring
steady purchase and supply of arms from South Africa.

A week before the death of the late President I was
in South Africa with a total sum of $12.5 million
dollars cash which was brought in through a diplomatic
means. This money was to effect the payment of
shipment of long-range anti-tanker launchers to my
country before I learnt of the sudden death of the
president. My initial reaction was to deposit this
money with a security deposit Company here in South
Africa, which I did, and rush back to Congo. It was in
the process of my arrangement to travel back to Congo
that something
happened to me. I met a cab driver that talked to me
about the Lord and wonders of his son Jesus Christ.
Since that very day I have never been the same, I keep
hearing cries of little Children every night I sleep
and I keep seeing this big house dripping of blood in
my dreams.

I feel my sins are catching up with me; my past is out
to hunt me. I have prayed to the Lord for forgiveness
of my sins and to the glory of the Lord I have not
touched this money. I cannot go back to Congo because
the government have assumed that I ran away with the
money and besides, I do not want them to receive the
money again since they will use it to persecute the
war. Personally I do not want anything to do with that
money again. I feel the only way I can purge my soul,
redeem my conscience in the face of humanity is by
giving this money back to humanity through a living
Church that will use it to propagate the name of the
Lord, may be our father Jesus may consider my poor
soul for forgiveness. Can your Church manage this

I have been living very low here in South Africa, all
this while hiding away from the State Security
operatives (SSS) sent to bring me back to Congo. I am
currently in hiding and by the special mercies and
grace of the Lord I hope to dedicate my whole life to
the worship of the Lord. I can only be reached through
my above  mail address: or but while replying to this mail please enclose your telephone number so that I can call you through a pay phone. Please brother continues to pray for me as I anxiously await your reply.May God bless you and your ministry.

Yours in The lord


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