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Subject: Victoria High Quality reads "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~venus©-~—~vibrator, even"
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 21:06:25 +0000

Special Event -AT- UCU : Victoria High Quality reads 
"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~venus©-~—~vibrator, even"

In connection with Joseph Nechvatal^“s current exhibition "vOluptuary : an 
algorithic hermaphornology", Universal Concepts Unlimited presents on June 
6th a special machinic reading of Joseph Nechvatal^“s cyber-sex novella 
"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~venus©-~—~vibrator, even".

This reading - which will be performed by Victoria High Quality - will begin 
at 6PM. Musical accompaniment will be mixed by Joseph Nechvatal and include 
the music of Erik Satie, Boards of Canada, Juan Garcia Esquivel, St. 
Germain, Oval, Elliott Carter, Richie Hawtin, John Cage, Aphex Twin, 
Fennesz, and Ancient Greek Music.

Joseph Nechvatal wrote this 39,907 word cyber-sex farce during his 
artist-in-residency at the Cite des Art International in Paris in 1995. Part 
I may be read on the web at:

The exhibition "vOluptuary : an algorithic hermaphornology" remains open 
till July 3rd. See:

Universal Concepts Unlimited
507 West 24th Street
New York, NY 10011

Tel: 212.727.7575
Fax: 212.727.7676

June 6th
6 PM  (sharp)

Admission is Free


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