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Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 15:57:01 +0100
Subject: New Media Scotland -AT- the Edinburgh Festival

New Media Scotland presents two projects during the Edinburgh Festival:

Mike Stubbs - Strapline Generator

Rebrand your local area through HOST

8 August 2003, Stills, Edinburgh - Launch event in association with 
product. magazine. Further details at

Strapline Generator is a playful yet poignant social observation on 
the current phenomenon of city branding as a strategy of marketing 
and regeneration. Strapline Generator asks viewers to respond to a 
series of questions on their local area and then creates slogans or 

Strapline Generator is part of HOST, a space on the New Media 
Scotland web site dedicated to projects by artists. A Strapline 
Generator project page features in the fiction issue of product. 

Crossing Over Time

Edinburgh International Film Festival 2003: Official Selection as 
part of "The New Europe". UK Premiere of Crossing Over Time, a New 
Media Scotland touring video programme selected by Chris Byrne.

14 August 2003, Filmhouse, Edinburgh

For further details and to download the Crossing Over Time trailer 

What happened to the post-Cold War dream of transition to democracy 
in a new Europe? 23 inspirational short films which display by turns 
humour, dazzling visual inventiveness and bold attitude. Diverse 
storylines include a vertigo-defying journey down the outside of a 
Zagreb tower block; Call centre workers scripted into a music video 
drama; Comradeship between Siberian and Appalachian coal miners; and 
Andres Serrano's infamous 'Piss Christ' recreated through performance 

Strapline Generator - Context

Strapline Generator is a complement to research into branding 
statements used by cities around the UK, and the practices and 
expectations of city marketing. The work forms part of Stubbs' City 
Strapline Industries project commissioned by Forma for an exhibition 
at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in 2004.

HOST is a space on the New Media Scotland web site dedicated to 
projects by artists. Earlier projects also available to view on HOST 
feature a range of Scottish and international artists including 
slateford, Katrina McPherson & Simon Fildes, *candy factory, Luci 
Eyers, Dane, Torsten Lauschmann, Lindsay Perth, Claude Closky and 
Roshini Kempadoo.

Strapline Generator made in collaboration with Dan Norton. Research 
assisted by Rachel Priestman. Supported by Forma, Arts Council 
England, Newcastle Gateshead Initiative, School of Television & 
Imaging at University of Dundee, & New Media Scotland. The Strapline 
Generator launch event is part of a double launch event with the 
fiction issue of product. Launch event supported by New Media 
Scotland, Stills, product. magazine, Newhaven, Tennents.

Crossing Over Time - Context

Crossing Over Time features works by international artists, 
commissioned between 1996 and 2001 for the Crossing Over residency 
projects, co-curated by Iliyana Nedkova and Nina Czegledy.

Since its inception in 1996, the Crossing Over project has produced 
47 new moving image works. The post-Cold War dream of transformation 
and the cross-cultural metaphor of the journey are recurring themes 
in the Crossing Over shorts. Crossing Over crossed the globe from 
Sofia, Novi Sad, Ljubliana, Columbus, and Liverpool.

The programme features works by Lala Rasic (Croatia), Herb E. Smith 
(USA), Krassimir Terziev (Bulgaria), Phil Collins (UK), Alexander 
Battista Ilic (Croatia), Dimitrina Sevova (Bulgaria), Antal Bodozcky 
(Hungary), Paul Rooney (UK), Baza (Yugoslavia), Boryana Dragoeva 
(Bulgaria), Gaspar Csongor (Romania), Susan B. Halpern (USA), 
Tsvetelina Gancheva (Bulgaria), Barbara Konopka (Poland), Maria 
Natasha Stukoff (Switzerland/UK), Ivan Mudov (Bulgaria), Mare Tralla 
(Estonia), Chris Speed (UK), Mary-Avril Gillan (Ireland), Levente 
Sipos (Hungary), Mike Kash (USA)

Crossing Over Time is a New Media Scotland touring programme, funded 
by the National Touring Programme of Arts Council England. Crossing 
Over Time is available to tour to venues in the UK and 
internationally. Please contact us at the address below for hire 


For further information on Straplines or Crossing Over Time contact:
New Media Scotland                 tel: +44 131 477 3774
P.O. Box 23434, Edinburgh EH7 5SZ  fax: +44 131 477 3775
Scotland, UK          

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