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Preferring pivo to water: Apollinaire, Biebl, Capek, Eluard, Foulon, Halas,
Holarek, Hora, Voronka, Fondane, Kolar, Koblihy, Sova, Kupka, LEF,
Majakovskij, Man Ray, Neumann,  Nezval, Picasso, Rodchenko, Russian Avant
Garde, Seifert, Soupault, Sutnar, Styrsky, Teige, Toyen, Tzara and others.

ANI LABUT ANI LUNA. Sbornik k stmu vyroci smrti K.H. Machy.
Editor: Viteslav Nezval.
Prague: O. Jirsak, 1936.
8vo. 83pp. 16 plates, including six Surrealist collages by Jindrich Styrsky
and four by Toyen. Original wrappers. First edition of this rare Nezval
edited collective publication. Initiated by the primary Czech avant-garde
and Surrealist artists and authors of the period as a protest against the
sentimentalism of the official celebrations surrounding the 100th
anniversary of the death of the Czech romantic poet Macha (1810-1836). Texts
and images by Biebl, Brouk, Burian, Hoffmeister, Kalandra, Nezval,
Novomesky, Styrsky, Teige and Toyen. This is one of a  handful numbered of
Œdeluxe¹ examples signed by all contributors (here, Styrsky and Toyen have
signed their collage contributions). Title translates as: ŒNeither Swan nor
Moon¹. An unusually fine example of this exceptional contemporaneous

1,000 uk pounds

(Teige, Karol)
Apollinaire, Guillaume
Prague, Odeon, 1925
20 x 14.5 cm. 144pp plus original wrappers. First Czech publication of this
translation of Apollonia's novel La femme assise (published posthumously in
1920 in France). This book is also notable for a three colour original cover
illustration by Teige and O. Mrkuvicka. Some small tears to the extremities
of the cover and at the spine which is frayed both top and bottom but the
cover is very fresh and clear and internally all is very good although there
is a former owner's signature on the half-title page.

145 uk pounds


(Teige, Karol and Siefert, Jaroslav)
Apollinaire, Guillaume
Prague, Odeon, 1925
21 x 13.5 cm. 88pp plus original wrappers. First Czech publication of this
translation by  M. Sramla and  Jaroslav Siefert of Apollonia's novel and
second-last great book, 'Le Poete assasine¹ - nine years after it¹s French
publication. Again there is an original (two colour) cover illustration by
Teige and Mrkuvicka  and typography by Teige throughout. Some small tears to
the extremities of the cover and at the  spine which is frayed both top and
bottom but the cover is very fresh and clear and internally all is very good
although there is a former owner's signature on the half-title page.

145 uk pounds

Biebl, Konstantin.
Prague: Sfinx (Bohumil Janda), 1930-31.
8vo. 26 (+3)pp. Frontispiece + design throughout by Jindrich Styrsky.
Original wrappers. First edition of this privately printed prose work by the
foremost Czech Constructivist poet. One of 330 examples issued (total
edition). Pictorial frontispiece by Styrsky. Among Biebl¹s most important
productions was ŒZlom¹ (1928). An unusually fine example of this rarely
encountered title.

275 uk pounds


Capek, Josef
Prague: Fr Borovy, 1949
19.5 x 21cm, unpaginated - approx 140pp - in modern binding with original
card cover retained. A posthumous (within 4 years of death) collection of
Capek's satirical and anti-Nazi cartoons published in tribute to the artist
who was murdered in Belsen in April,1945. Text in English, Czech, Russian
and French.  A fine  copy.

85 uk pounds

(Teige,  Ernst,  Picasso, Man Ray &  Styrsky)
Eluard, Paul
Praha: Odeon, 1946,
18 x 13cm, 157 pages plus original wrappers and dj. First edition of
Eluard's collected poems in Czech accompanied by 4 b/w illustrations,
including 3 full page plates by Picasso, Man Ray and Styrsky; Man Ray's
frontispiece is a portrait of Eluard. Styrsky's contribution is an original
collage. The dust jacket has an original colour design by Karel Teige.
Internally near fine, the dust jacket has minor chipping at top and bottom
but overall a very good + copy of this scarce book.

125 uk pounds

Eluard, Paul.
VEREJNA RUZE. Translation: V. Nezval & B. Vanicek.
Prague: Manes, 1936.
8vo. 75 (+4)pp. Four full-page b/w surrealist collages by Jindrich Styrsky.
Pictorial wrappers (also designed by Styrsky). First Czech edition of this
collection of poems by Eluard, issued at the height of Surrealist activity
in Czechoslovakia, as translated by Nezval and Vanicek. Illustrated with
four very evocative collage images by Styrsky; who also contributed the
typographic and cover design for the volume. A very good, partially uncut
example of this scarce work.

245 uk pounds

Foulon A. C.  (Translated by V. Janda)
Prague: Nakladatelstvi Universala, Edice Moderni erotik , 1932
19 x 14.5cm, 198pp plus original printed wrappers.  Illustrated by  Jean
Lezard -. first edition of Foulon's pornographic novellas (written
originally in 1926) and translated from the French.  This is an unnumbered
copy aside from the numbered edition of 500. Slight grubbiness to wrappers
but otherwise very good.

45 uk pounds

Halas, Frantisek JA SE TAM VRATIM
Brne:, Nakladem Knihovny Lidovych, 1949.
31 x 22cm,  16 pp plus wrappers. With frontispiece by Eduarda Milena. A
later edition of this 1939 text by Halas. Slightly bumped otherwise very

25 uk pounds

Holarek E. 
PHADKA O NADSENI. SAIRICKY ZERT. (Trans. The fairy tale of the innocence).
Prague:  Ant. Vitek,  n.d. (circa 1900)
31 x 21cm, blindstamped  and be-ribboned folder with tipped in  30 x 20cm,
40pp book -  of which 30pp have original reproduced pen and ink drawings by
Holarek. The text tells of the young angel being sent down to earth and
being rejected by the various estates of the nation - ultimately being
sentenced to death by the courts.  Holarek (1867 - 1919) studied at the art
academies in Prague (and Munich for six years) before returning to Prague.
This was the book version of the extremely rare deluxe version with original
watercolours. Very slight markings to the outer folder and some minor
marking internally on the title page from the ribbons which are interleaved
through the covers but otherwise a near fine copy of this wonderfully
attractive book.

295 uk pounds

Hora, Josef
DECH NA SKLE  (Trans. 'Breath on Glass')
Prague: Fr Borovy, 1938
19 x 12cm, 290pp plus embossed and printed hard covers with printed
pictorial dust jacket and ribbon. All in the scarce original publisher's
slip case with adhesive printed label. First edition of this extensive novel
written at the end of Hora's life  which deals with conditions in Soviet
Russia. Cover illustration by Eduarda Milena. Near fine with the slightest
of wear to the edges of the dj.

125 uk pounds

Hora, Josef
MACHOVSKE VARIACE  (Variations on Mácha)
Praha, Borovy Frantisek 1944.
21.3 x 13.5cm,  48pp plus card covers. With 4 drawings by Cyril Bouda.
Written for the hundredth anniversary (1939) of the publication of Máj (May)
by Karel Hynek Mácha this collection is often regarded as the poet's
greatest work.  First thus (although there is a scarcer edition with
illustrations by Karel Svolinsky)  published in the same year) Near fine.

20 uk pounds

Hora, Josef
Brne:  Edice Corona, 1946.
24x 17.5cm,  58pp plus board covers. With illustrations throughout by
Eduardo Milena. Posthumous publication of this lengthy poem of love. Some
staining to front and back boards, internally fine.

12 uk pounds

(Voronka, Fondane and others)
INTEGRAL. Revista de Sinteza moderna.  no.2.
Bukarest, Paris and Pavia, 1925.
31.5 x 23.5 cm, 16 pp.   plus original covers with a linocut by Maxy. Some
staining to wrappers and internally and browning throughout (due to paper
quality) but still a firm copy of this scarce avant garde journal edited by
Maxy, Voronca, Calugaru, Brunea, in Bukarest, Benjamin Fondane and
Mattis-Teusch in Paris and Cosma (C. Sernet) in Pavia and containing
contributions by many dadaists. Published in an edition of 500 (plus 50
deluxe copies), this is a copy of the former issue. Very scarce.

1,750 uk pounds

Kolar, Jiri
Prague: Druzarvo Dtlo, 1945
22 x 15.5cm,  24pp (two uncut folios) plus wrappers and pictorial
dustjacket. A relatively early book of poems by Kolar from the period when
he was a member of the Prague Art Group 42 and prior to his imprisonment by
the State in 1950 -  later he was prohibited from publishing anything from
the late 60s until 1989. Despite this Kolar joined the international
pressure group Charter 77 - increasing oppression and harassment eventually
meant he had to leave for Paris. Incidentally, by 1937 Kolar had already
produced the first of his collage works for which he alter become famous but
it wasn't until after the period in jail that he came to reject traditional
poetry and concentrate mostly on visual and concrete works. Kolar returned
to Prague for the last 4 years of his life and died in 2002. A frontispiece
by Frantisek Hudecek is also reproduced on the cover. A fine copy of a
scarce publication.

125 uk pounds


Kolar, Jiri
Prague: Fr. Borovy, 1948
22 x 14.5cm,  118pp  plus pictorial wraps. A collection of Kolar's poems
from the period of 1946 - 1947. The cover is by Zdenka Sklenare.  This copy
is additionally dedicated  and dated in ink "4.11. 48". A very good  copy
with only minor rubbing to the cover..

95 uk pounds

Koblihy, Frantiska
Prague: Hotel Zlata Husa, 1933
16.5 x 11.5cm,  12pp plus printed paper wrappers bound by string. Small
booklet with original "surrealist" influenced images of menu items (eg a cow
who wears religious garb, a man made up of rolls and and a "tablecloth
coat", a waterfall of coffees. Each one of the five images is signed in
pencil by the artist.  Beguiling. Fine.

75 uk pounds

Kupka, Francois (Frantisekj)
L'ASSIETTE AU BEURRE NO 41 January 1902 .Special issue - L"ARGENT PAR
n.p. (Paris): L'Assiette au Beurre, 1902
32.5 x 24.5cm,  32pp self cover. Wholly content of two and three colour
original lithographs by Kupka with legends. A major political and satirical
contribution by the Czech emigre (here in his earlier art nouveau style) to
this anarchist magazine (which continued for a total of 152 issues).
Following the earlier socially disturbing works in this early livre
d'artiste, Kupka's final lithograph is an optimistic belief in the triumph
of science (and humanity) over money. An exceptionally fine copy of this
magazine. Scarce.

195 uk pounds

Kupka, Francois (Frantisekj)  and others,
n.p. (Paris): L'Assiette au Beurre, 1902
32.5 x 24.5cm,  32pp self cover. Content of ten, two colour original
lithographs by Kupka and five original lithographs by Noel Dorville, LeFevre
and  Dellanoy, Cadel. This weekly anarchist magazine attracted the support
of many Parisien avant gardists. Again an exceptionally fine copy of this
scarce propaganda vehicle.

195 uk pounds


Kupka, Frantisek. and  Sova, Antonin.
BALADA O JEDNOM CLOVEKI A JEHO RADOSTECH. (The ballad of a man and young
Prague: Hejda & Tucek, n.d. [1902]
29 x 20.5cm, 84pp plus original printed wrappers. Contains 8 tipped on b/w
plates of etchings by Kupka. Slight paper loss around the edges of the
covers but overall a very good example of this lengthy moralist tale.

150 uk pounds

Kupka, Frantisek.
TVORENI V UMENI VYTVARNEM. Z Francouzskeho Rukopisu prelozila Vera Urbanova
tisteno jako Cesky original.
Prague: Manes, 1923.
20.5 x 15.5cm,  212pp plus original paper wrappers. Frontispiece, textual
illustrations and cover design by Kupka. First edition of this key
theoretical work by Kupka  relating to the title consideration - namely,
"creation in the plastic arts" which strove for a spiritual 'energetic
transformation of  matter ' and as such is an important text in the
development of abstract art. This copy has triangular paper loss to both top
and bottom edges of the front cover and to the top of the spine and a few
early pages are a little loose but copies are hard to come by in any
condition. An essential item priced thus.

145 uk pounds

(Teige, Karol)
Majakovskij, Vladimír
Prague, Otto Girgol, 1948
21 x 15 cm. 16 pp loose folios in original typographic wrappers. A
translation of the poet's 1925 title poem into Czech (by Ivo Fleischmann)
with a 2pp biography of Majakovskij by Tiege who also designed the book and
its typography.  Although there is a neat dedication in ink from a former
owner on the first publisher's page this is an otherwise fine, partly
unopened example of this delightful and scarce little pamphlet.

95 uk pounds

Majakovskij, Vladimír
Prague, Svet Sovetu, n.d. (1950).
11.5 x 17.6 cm. 196 pp in original pictorial wrappers (the cover by Václava
Bláhy is a view of New York City and on rear, the KKK). This translation
into Czech by Julie Hermanové and J. Taufra with an introduction by the
latter. A very good copy of this  lovingly designed book with a very slight
weakening to the glue of the binding at the front.

60 uk pounds

(S.K. Neumann)
Polan, Bohumil
Prague:  Fr. Borovy, 1919
17.5 x 11cm,  80pp plus printed paper wraps. An early monograph on the
literature of the anarchist poet, theorist and historian  Neumann
(1875-1947) written while he was an exponent of "extreme individualism" and
before his conversion to Marxist Leninism.  A cover cartoon of Neumann by
Fr. Geller.  Neumann was an important contributor to various anarchist
journals of his day and had led been jailed over the publication of his work
'Omladina' (The Youth) and later published his own  journal Novy kult (The
New Cult) - which became perhaps the most important journal of Czech
anarchism. This is a fine copy (with some browning due to age) of a very
early study of the writer.

85 uk pounds

(Capek, J.)
Brutus (pseudonym of Stanislav K. Neumann)
Contribution to the Anarchist Martyrology)
Prague: Administrace Novej Kultu, 1903
21 x 14cm,  20pp plus epprinted paper wraps. Early anarchist pamphlet
written by Neumann under pseudonym and illustrated throughout by Capek which
deals with the oppression of the Spanish colonies and actions by the
oppressed black people again their rulers. Some minor paper loss to edges of
cover (illustrated by Jan Lamann ) but otherwise a very good copy of this
very scarce work.

75 uk pounds

Stanislav K. Neumann
ZAMORENA LETA. Basne 1939 - 1944
Prague: Nakladatelstvi (F. J. Muller), 1951
21 x 14cm,  94pp plus embossed boards and printed dust jacket. Posthumous
publication (2 years after the author's death) of his last collected poems.

45 uk pounds

Nezval, Vitezslav & Teige, Karel.
ABECEDA. Tanecni Komposice Milci Mayerova (Milia Mayerova).
Prague: J. Otto, 1926.
Small 4to. 57pp. Typographic design and 25 full-page b/w photomontages by
Karel Teige (incorporating photographs by K. Raspa). Original wrappers
(also) designed by Teige. First edition of the famous and (arguably) most
innovative livre d'artiste of the Czech avant-garde between the wars.
Composed of poems by Nezval (original published in 'Pantomime', 1924),
accompanied by stunning photomontages by Teige, which incorporate framed
images of the dancer Milia Mayerova performing her choreographed 'alphabet'
(a to zed) action-poem, which she debuted on the occasion of the 'Nezval
evening' at the Liberated Theatre (April 14, 1926). Nezval's preface
underscores the subtext of what has in some circles become a
post-Constructivist icon of Eastern European book production: "In 1922,
during the survey of meaning in modern poetry, when the factions defending
or rejecting the so-called 'proletarian poetry' opposed one another, and
when it seemed possible to give poetry a new life through new content, I
attempted to react to the ideological concepts by rejecting all themes in
favor of a spiritual exercise in which poetry is the most subjectless of
objects: 'a letter'". A fine copy of one of the most imaginative artists'
books of the 20th Century. This copy is additionally and unusually signed on
the title page and dated 'Dec 13th 1930' in Nezval's hand.

2,650 uk pounds

Another copy - in fine estate but unsigned.

2,000 uk pounds

(Teige, Karel)
Nezval, Vitezslav
Prague: Nakladatelstvi F. J. Muller, 1945
24 x 16.5 cm,  170pp plus original printed wrappers. With a cover
illustration by Teige, this post war surrealist novel in which a young girl
brought up in isolation by her grandmother enters society only to find it
increasingly perplexing and strange. Later made into a film (albeit not by
Nezval despite his post-war posting as head of the film department at the
Czech Ministry of Information) , this is an important novel by the founder
of the Devetsil  and surrealist groups.  Typography and design by Kamila
Lhotaka. Mild rubbing to extremities otherwise fine.

125 uk pounds

Nezval, Vitezslav
Prague: Melantrich, 1940
21 x 15 cm,  240pp in modern attractive embossed binding. Based on Abee
Prevost's tragic love story of the same name (which is also an opera by
Massenet and, also, Puccini) , this was a popular play written by Nezval
during the period where he temporarily split with Teige and the other
surrealists and continued to support the Stalinist Communist Party.  In
part, as a result, Nezval's poetry from this time is more traditional and
structured - as in this work. A fine copy.

85 uk pounds

Paris/ Moscow: Edition du Comite de la Section de l'U.R.S.S. a l'Exposition
des Arts  Decoratifs., 1925.  P. Cogan et al. eds
18.0 x 13.5 cm, 228 pp. text + 24pp reproductions of Soviet commissariats
and local councils, commercial advertisements and colour and b/w
illustrations on stiff paper. Original printed paper covers with a striking
colour constructivist design by A. Rodchenko. In very good condition

1,950 uk pounds

Seifert, Jaroslav.
Prague: privately published (Nakladatlstvi Vecervice), 1923.
14 x 19.5 cm. 62 pp. Four textual illustrations by Mrvicka. Beige wrappers
with a photographic design in two colors by Mrvicka. First edition of the
Nobel Prize-winning Czech author¹s third book written when he was only 22
years old. The title translates as Sheer Love (or 'Nothing but Love') and,
interestingly for the revolutionary writer, places that emotion even above
political zeal.  Later Seifert left the Communist Party. A co-founder of the
avant-garde Devetsil group, together with Karel Teige, Viteslav Nezval,
among others, Seifert¹s experimental poems of this period were
simultaneously revolutionist and emblematic of the young author¹s personal
investigations. Some heavy foxing to the cover and some chipping to the
edges of the wrappers, minor paper loss to spine but internally very fine
and the glue binding remains solid. Rare.

295 uk pounds

Seifert, Jaroslav.
KAMENNY MOST (Bridge of Stone)
Prague: Fr Borovy, 1944
25.5 x 18.5 cm. 74 pp. original printed wrappers. Nine textual illustrations
in two colours and cover and internal typography  by Karel Svolvinsky. First
edition of this book of resistance poems which were designed to bolster
national moral in the face of the Nazi menace. Tears to spine and some
marking to the top of rear wraps but otherwise a very clear and bright copy
of this important Czech book.

95 uk pounds

Soupault, Philipe.
NEGR. Translation by Adolf Hoffmeisterove (ne. Hoffmeister).
Prague: Aventinum, 1928.
8vo. 87pp. Original wrappers designed by Aldof Hoffmeister. First Czech
edition of this Œdigest¹ version of the Surrealist¹s Le Negre¹ (1927), as
translated by the Devetsil artist Adolf Hoffmeister, who also contributes
the cover design. Some minor wear to wrappers, else a very good and partly
unopened copy. Rare thus.

195 uk pounds

(Styrsky, Jindrich and Sutnar, Ladislave)
Klika, Benjamin
Prague: Sfinx/Janda, 1930.
19 x 14cm, 288pp in embossed boards and with printed dj. Cover collage (of a
circus) by the surrealist Styrsky and typography by Ladislave Sutnar
who,.later was recognised as one of the most important influences in modern
typography. First edition of this novel by the Czech author Klicka. Very
good plus with only minor marking/creasing to the dust jacket.

85 uk pounds

Styrsky, Jindrich.
Prague: Kniznice Kvartu, 1946.
30 x 21cm, 49 pp, loosely bound leaves in printed folder with a cover design
and typography by the architect Vita Obrtela. Tipped on photographic
reproduction of the death mask of the poet. A selection of poems by the
surrealist published four years after his death. Internally near fine in
torn paper folder (no significant paper loss).

55 uk pounds

(Styrsky, Jindrich)
Shakespeare, William
Translation by Erik A. Saudek.)
Praha, Evropsky literarni klub 1938.
8vo.,124 pp, including 8 colour lithographs and typography by Karel
Svolinsky all in a half-leather binding - with a design by Jindrich Styrsky.
A very good untrimmed copy.

225 uk pounds

(Teige, Karol)
Verhaeren, E. Translated by S. K. Neumann
Prague: Odeon, 1925
20 x 14cm, 104pp plus printed pictorial wrappers. The second Czech edition
of this translation of the French play 'Les aubes'. Most notable here (apart
from Neumann's role as translator and his preface) is a cover photomontage
by Teige and internal typography by the designer and theorist. Some very
mild damage to the extremities of the overlarge wrappers but otherwise a
near fine, uncut copy.

95 uk pounds

(Teige, Karol)
Arconada, Cesar M. Translated by Vlasta Borek.
Prague: Odeon, 1936
20.5 x 13.5cm, 238pp plus printed pictorial wrappers. Typography and cover
by Teige. First thus - a Czech translation of Arconda's Reparto de tierras
(Dividing the land) a socially aware novel of the lives of Spanish
peasantry. Some very mild damage to the extremities of the overlarge
wrappers and minor paper loss to the lower spine but otherwise a solid, very
good, uncut copy.

75 uk pounds

(Teige, Karol)
Hostovsky, Egon
LISTY Z VYHNANSTVI (trans. 'Letters From Exile')
Prague: Melantrich, 1946
20.5 x 13.5cm, 158pp plus printed typographic wrappers. Typography and a
supremacist-style cover by Teige.  Second edition of these emigre texts by
the Czech exile and author of epistolic novel "The Hideout" - the back cover
here reproduces an English review of that earlier work and an image of the
writer. Some very mild damage to the extremities of the wrappers and a minor
water stain to the lower front cover and 4 internal pages but otherwise a
solid, very good copy of this nicely designed book .

65 uk pounds


Toyen. (ne. Marie Cerminova).
STRELNICE. Cyklus dvanacti Kreseb 1939-1940. Preface: Karel Teige. Peom:
Jindrich Heisler.
Praha: Borovy, 1946.
Oblong 4to. 7 numbered pp. 12 full-page b/w drawings by Toyen. Original
cloth-backed boards. First edition of this primary Surrealist bookwork.
Toyen¹s ŒStrelnice¹ (ŒShooting Range¹) compositions represent a powerful and
singular statement/response to the imminent threat of war in Europe by
adapting Caroll's Alice and setting her in a war-like shot up landscape with
craters and broken mirrors. Issued in a stated edition of only 200 examples
(this, out of series). ŒStrelnice¹ stands as one of the most important
documents of Czech Surrealism engage. "The sole purpose of all Toyen¹s work
is to correct the external world - " (Benjamin Peret). Some minor wear, else
a very good+ example of this exceptional work. Rare. Schwarz ŒI Surrealisti¹
p.495. ŒBreton-Heisler-Peret¹ (Pompidou) p.34.

1,250 uk pounds


Nezval, Vitezslav
SNIDANE V TRAVE. Basne. Collection Plantin Vol 1. . (Trans. Breakfast in the
Grass. )
Prague: Aventinum, 1930
20 x 14.5cm, 35pp plus 6 full page dry-points and design by Toyen all in an
original leather binding by J. Moravek with gilt blind-stamping designed by
Toyen. Untrimmed copy. one of only 100 hand numbered copies. Original
colophon with signatures of V. Nezval and Toyen. A very good + copy of this
rare work.

3,950 uk pounds


Navotny, Miloslav (and Jan B. Capek)
O PISNI PISNI (On The Song of Songs)
Prague: Edice Lisknihomiluvm (F.J. Muller) , n.d. (1931)
20 x 11.5cm, 8pp plus original wrappers. The publication is a period
advertising booklet to promote the editioned book by Navotny (with Czech
poems by Capek) but is notable since it has a small original lithograph from
the larger edition by Toyen which is hand-coloured.  The whole is printed on
Japanese paper. Scarce and here in very fine condition.

245 uk pounds

Hudson, W.H.
Prague: Symposion, 1930
20 x 13.5cm, 288pp hand-made half-vellum binding. The original wrappers are
retained internally.   The first edition of this Czech translation of the
Purple Land - a tale of a man's wanderings in Uruguay after abandoning his
wife in the hands of her grandmother. The erotic temptations placed in the
character's way  may have appealed to Toyen who provided the design,
titlepage, head & tail-piece. A very good + unnumbered example with former
owner's (B. Chlumecky ) lovely Ex Libris sticker attached.

95 uk pounds

Suares, Andre  (aka Caerdan)
KONDOTIEROVA CESTA DO ITALIE. Vols I - III. (The Condottiere's Journey to
Italy. Translation by  Josef Dostal & Pavel Eisner. ) "Symposion", vols.
Prague: Symposion, 1934
20 x 13.5cm, three volumes, 184pp,  158pp and 244pp repectively in hand-made
half-leather modern binding. First edition of this Czech translation of
Suares' guide to Italy with three frontispieces by Toyen who also designed
the book.  Fine condition with former owner's (B. Chlumecky ) attractive Ex
Libris sticker still attached.

85 uk pounds

Tzara, Tristan
TERRE SUR TERRE. Dessins d'Andre Masson.
Geneve-Paris Trois Collines 1946
22 x 16cm, 68pp plus covers and dj.Tzara's poems from his later surrealist
period boldly illustrated by Masson. One of 3,000 on verge creme aside from
the 50 copies on Grand Velin. Some water damage to bottom right of dust
jacket and very slight water damage to internal edges, otherwise a solid

95 uk pounds


A close to continuous and complete run of this avant garde revolutionary art
journal missing only a single number

(Russian Avant Garde /LEF)
NOVYJ LEF. ("New Left") Editor Vladimir Mayakovsky
Moskau, Gosizdat, 1927 /1928.
Two bound volumes retaining original wraps. Uniformly octavo, offered here
are numbers 1-12 in 10 issues from the year 1928 and numbers 1-10 and 12
(missing only number 11).from 1928. the second of two journals published the
Soviet Left Front of the Arts, or Lef under the direction of Mayakovsky who
had won fame before the Revolution for his experimental poetry and
flamboyant behavior, the Lef circle included writers Nikolai Aseev, Osip
Brik, and Sergei Tret'iakov, filmmakers Sergei Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov,
stage director Vsevolod Meyerhold, and literary theorist Viktor Shklovsky
all who contribute herein. Notably Rodchenko designed all of the covers of
Novyi Lef  as well as contributing extensively. Lef argued that artistic
forms could not be disassociated with ideology, thus the creation of a new
society required the creation of new forms of art. Also central to Lef
thought was the conviction that revolutionary art required the active
participation of the viewer, who would be transformed by the effort of
interpreting the work.  This rare near complete set is bound into two modern
bindings - with minor trimming to the bottom edge of the journals which does
not affect the content in any way. Very good +. Rare as a collection.

3,950 uk pounds for both volumes together


Paul Robertson
1 Royal Mile Mansions
50 North Bridge
Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel/fax 0044 131 225 8217

Payment terms:

Payment by VISA / MASTERCARD (5% surcharge), IMO or personal/business
UK clearing bank cheque (clearance required before dispatch of items).

Direct bank transfer to
"Heart Fine Art Ltd."; account number: 10501877; UK Sort code: 82-63-00.
Clydesdale Bank, North Bridge Branch, Edinburgh, UK.

Prices of all items excluding shipping, insurance, taxes / duty and
bank fees. Payment terms by negotiation. Institutions will be
invoiced on receipt of fully authorised and confirmed purchase order.
Please note within the EC - VAT (Value Added Tax) at 17.5% will be
added to all artworks (but not books). Dealers and other companies
purchasing art who have valid EC VAT numbers may be able to waive
VAT. members of academic and institutional VAT waiver schemes should
contact us to discuss further. All purchases outside of the EC
including the US will NOT be charged VAT.

Photographs of most items available by email by return if requested.

Detailed provenance history available for unique items.

Please note prices subject to change without due notice. While we
will endeavour to keep prices stable for items  outlined above
sometimes changes in, for example, exchange rates mean that prices
have to be altered. If changes are required than we will notify you
at the time of any enquiry.

O. &. O. E.

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