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Dear all 

Please note:


Call for Scores: Duluth Fluxfest


As outlined in the following press release, the Tweed Museum in Duluth is
hosting a retrospective exhibition of the works of Dick Higgins, inventor of
the term ³intermedia² and impresario of the event score. To honor his role
in the invention of twentieth-century art, and to have a good time, we are
developing an exhibition of event scores and a week of performances of the
scores to accompany this show. We request your help; please send in your
event score and encourage others to do likewise.


All scores will be exhibited in the Lecture Hall Gallery of the Tweed
Museum; scores accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope will be
returned at the close of the exhibition. Selected scores will be performed
on the University of Minnesota ­ Duluth campus during the week of October 12
­ 19.


What is an event score? It is a document, often highly visually interesting
in its own right, that instructs the reader or viewer to perform acts-‹acts
of thought or physical acts, imaginary or actual-‹either privately or in
public. Event scores are texts that make things happen. Other than this,
there are no further parameters. See the Tweed press release below for more
on the history of the event score; for a sample of some scores, go to



Please spread the word; one does not need to be an officially designated
artist to participate in this exhibition. Scores by postal workers,
waitrons, programmers, administrative assistants, lawyers, midwives,
teachers, truck drivers, piano instructors, landscapers, and factory
workers, for instance, are strongly encouraged. Collaborative scores will
also be enthusiastically received.


Send your score, by August 30 (or thereabouts), to:


Ann Klefstad

5913 London Road

Duluth, MN 55804


Please include an SASE if you wish your score returned; also include a cover
letter with your name, the title if any of the score, your contact
information, and any other information you wish to supply to exhibit-goers.
All participants will receive documentation of their participation in the
exhibition. All scores will be exhibited at the Tweed Museum; you will be
notified if your score is performed, and documentation of the performance
will be provided on request.


Thank you for your interest! I hope to see your work soon.


Ann Klefstad

curator, Duluth Fluxfest Score exhibition






Fluxus Art - What's That? - Visit the Tweed and find out.


WHAT:      Exhibition Betwixt and Between: The Life and Fluxus Works of Dick



WHERE: Tweed Museum of Art, located on the campus of the University of

Minnesota Duluth


WHEN:      Exhibition Dates:      September 2 - October 19, 2003




³The Secret World of Fluxus: An Exhibition of Event Scores.²  This
exhibition will feature event scores solicited from artists and Fluxpeople
around the world who are connected by mail and the internet, through
informal performance groupings, internet mailing lists such as the Fluxlist,
and more traditional mail-art networks. This layer of the creative world,
nearly unknown to the official artworld but of vast reach and importance to
its participants, is open to participation from anyone, not just officially
licensed ³artists.² Come and experience the growth of Higgins¹s ideas of
transforming everyday life into creative choice: Higgins, one of the
founders of the internet mailing list ³Fluxlist,² actively participated in
the growth and spread of Fluxus ideas beyond the original participants in
the movement. This exhibition will show a sampling of the results. You may
find that you wish to become a citizen of this world. In the Lecture Hall
Gallery of the Tweed Museum.



Tuesday, September 9, 2003 7pm Panel Discussion ³What¹s the Score?: A
discussion of the event score.²  Diane Mullin, curator, MCAD Gallery at the
Minneapolis College of Art and Design; Ann Klefstad, features editor,; and other participants yet to be announced.


Tuesday, October 14, 2003  "Performance Lecture" by Hannah Higgins, Fluxus
historian and daughter of artists Dickk Higgins and Alison Knowles


Week of October 12 - 19, 2003  Interdisciplinary programming: "FluxFest"
with Music/Theatre/English Departments. One evening of student performances
of Dick Higgins¹ score works; one evening of performance of selected score
works from the event score collection/show in the Lecture Hall Gallery; and
one evening of performances of local experimental music/performance based on
³bent scores²: written scores with improvisatory and experimental elements.


Contact person for these events: Ann Klefstad, 218-393-9149; 218-525-3037;




CONTACT:      Peter Spooner, Curator, (218) 726-7056, Mary Rhodes, Public

Information, (218) 726-7823

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