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Subject: The San Francisco Performance Cinema Symposium
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 18:18:37 +0100

The San Francisco Performance Cinema Symposium
September 2003, starting at noon, running into late evening.
Dimension7 video gallery, San Francisco, CA (US)

Scott Arford, Tommy Becker, Bello Benischauer,
Greg Bowman, Joshua "Kit" Clayton, Fred Collopy,
Sue Costible, criticalartware, Caterina Davinio,
Stefan G, Michael Heap, Lynn Kirby,
Phoebe Legere, Christina McPhee, Sunit Parekh,
Shirley Shor, Henry Warwick, Gregor White

Recent innovations in computer software and performance gains in hardware
are now permitting the development of a truly performative cinema.  Today,
we can see this distinctive  new art form growing quickly and this symposium
will  aid in the formative theory of this new cinematic art - complete with
mind-bending performances by leading artists in the field.

Requested admission is $5 (all day) or $10 (evening only) and free after
11pm, at dimension 7, 150 Folsom street, San Francisco.

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