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Subject: A Bit of News from the Editor of The Fine Arts Magazine
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 21:52:15 -0700

Dear Friends and Artists,

The September issue of The Fine Arts Magazine should reach you in a few days.
Before then, I wanted to share with you a bit of news.

As you might have noticed, we now have added several new sections to the
Magazine, as follows:

1. Call for Entries
2. Preferred Artists^“ page
3. Recommended Businesses
4. This Business of Art (by Kate Burridge)
5. Art & Health (with Shifra Stein)
6. Software for Artists

In addition to the above, two new columns are coming up soon. These are:

1. Artists^“ Market Place
2. Art from around The World (by Ivan Lloyd)

The ^”Art from around The World^‘ column will be presenting some rather exciting
vistas on artists and art organizations. This column will be a sort of ^”window
on the art world^‘ outside the USA.

The other new column, ^”Artists^“ Market Place^‘, will be of real interest to most
artists. We will be introducing companies that need the professional skills of
artists. This includes: publishers, poster, print and greeting card companies,
the multimedia and animation markets, licensing companies, and so many others.
This will be a truly exciting column for serious artists looking to offer their
services (and their art!).

As of today, we^“ve gone beyond the 38,000 mark with respect to subscriptions.
The Fine Arts Magazine can now boast more than 38,700 subscribers (if you have
received this letter, you are one of these 38,700 subscribers). At the current
growth rate, we estimate that by January, 2004, subscriptions will probably
double to more than 70,000. I'd^“say this is a healthy sign. As you probably
know, fine artists (painters, in particular) need to unite in one voice if they
are to have any meaningful impact in the markets today. I believe The Fine Arts
Magazine is a good representative of fine artists and will continue to increase
in strength as time passes.

One of my responsibily at the magazine is to insure that the magazine gets
published on a regular, monthly basis. Thanks to artists who have lent their
support these past 16 months (and you know who you are), the Fine Arts Magazine
continues to come to you on a monthly, FREE basis ^÷ you don^“t pay a
subscription to receive the monthly Newsletter or to read the magazine^“s many
helpful and practical features. It^“s all free! So, how does the magazine
survive? If I were a kid, I^“d say, ^”Santa Claus pays the bills!^‘ But, of
course, I^“m not a kid, and neither are you! And we know that Santa Claus
doesn^“t exist (but shhhh^Ň.don^“t tell your kid  just yet. Let him find out for
himself ;-).

Since the month of August, we have put together two new sections in the
magazine called the ^”Preferred Artists^“ Page,^‘ and the ^”Recommended Businesses
Page^‘. In August only a handful of artists were invited to be a part of these
pages. Now I am inviting all artists to go visit these pages and take advantage
of this especial privilege. For the ^”Preferred Artists^“ Page^‘ there are only
117 advertising spots in all. Just under 112 spots remain. When these have been
grabbed up, that^“s it! No more spots will be available. The ^”Preferred Artists^“
Page^‘ is really an Artist^“s Market Place. It is here that companies in need of
your services and/or art will be directed starting in October. These pages are
heavily advertised so that they^“ll be noticed ^÷ so that YOU will be noticed!
Since only 112 spots remain, I urge you to take quick action and to reserve
your spot now! If you wait, you^“ll miss out on a great thing. Thousands of
companies needing art will gradually be directed to these pages starting in
October. If you are NOT on this page, these companies won^“t know that you exist.

This applies to the ^”Recommended Businesses Page^‘, as well. There are only a
limited number of  advertising spots available. If you are a business catering
to artists, this is where you need to be. But, again, you have to hurry because
once all the spots have been taken, none will be available. Be safe, not sorry!

Visit the ^”Preferred Artists^“ Page^‘ here:

Visit the ^”Recommended Businesses Page^‘ here:

In closing, let me say that it^“s been a very hot summer here in California. So
hot, in fact, that I took a break in August to attend the Sausalito Art
Festival just north of San Francisco. If you^“ve ever been to Sausalito in late
August, you know you had better bring a sweater -- that chilly wind sweeping in
from the Pacific Ocean doesn^“t understand ^”Go Away!^‘ My wife, Kris, and I have
put together a report on our little visit to Sausalito and this will be
published in the September issue of the magazine. We took tons of pictures of
the many artists and activities there so as to give you a taste of what a great
festival this is. Watch for my report in the September issue.

Best Wishes to all

James Leonard-Amodeo

The Fine Arts Magazine 


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