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Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 18:17:18 -0400
Subject: Re: The San Francisco Performance Cinema Symposium

What date?

George Robinson


>The San Francisco Performance Cinema Symposium
>September 2003, starting at noon, running into late evening.
>Dimension7 video gallery, San Francisco, CA (US)
>Scott Arford, Tommy Becker, Bello Benischauer,
>Greg Bowman, Joshua "Kit" Clayton, Fred Collopy,
>Sue Costible, criticalartware, Caterina Davinio,
>Stefan G, Michael Heap, Lynn Kirby,
>Phoebe Legere, Christina McPhee, Sunit Parekh,
>Shirley Shor, Henry Warwick, Gregor White
>Recent innovations in computer software and performance gains in hardware
>are now permitting the development of a truly performative cinema.  Today,
>we can see this distinctive  new art form growing quickly and this symposium
>will  aid in the formative theory of this new cinematic art - complete with
>mind-bending performances by leading artists in the field.
>Requested admission is $5 (all day) or $10 (evening only) and free after
>11pm, at dimension 7, 150 Folsom street, San Francisco.
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Cry later, but for now let's enjoy the laughter.

	--Tupac Shakur, "God Bless the Dead"

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