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Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 17:28:05 -0500

Just a reminder that this will be the last weekend for "Bling" at 31GRAND.

Best wishes to all.


For Immediate Release:

Thirty One Grand Street
Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York 11211
Hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 1-7pm, or by appointment

31GRAND Presents: Bling
Derek Lerner and Tom Sanford
October 11 ­ November 9, 2003

Bling-bling - coined in 1999, by rapper B.G. of the Cash Money Millionaires
to describe his lavish lifestyle of diamond jewelry, fancy cars and overall
extreme wealth, the term has become so mainstream it has recently been
introduced into the Oxford English Dictionary. The definition continues to
expand as it permeates contemporary culture.

31Grand is proud to present Bling - featuring the work of Derek Lerner and
Tom Sanford. Both artists' work deals with money - where it comes from -
what itıs used for - where it ends up.

Derek Lerner works with blueprint style diagrams tracing the routes of
illegal transactions from auto theft, to money laundering, to the drug
trade. Additionally he has created an installation featuring customized
quarters with his last name that can be bought from a change machine in the
gallery and then will go back into circulation with the Lerner tag.

Tom Sanford paints gangster rappers as religious icons. Besides the divine
portrait of Snoop Dogg surrounded by marijuana plants, there is also "The
DEFosition" which depicts Tupac being taken down from the cross. His newest
piece is "The Last Judgement", greatly influenced by the same entitled Hans
Memling altarpiece, in which Tom takes on current political and cultural

Tom is also currently attempting to transform himself into Tupac Shakur; the
progress of which can be tracked on his daily blog at As he loses the weight, gets the abs, drinks the
Hennessey, shaves his head, gets the tattoos, jewelry etc.; he gets closer
to the final outcome of the project which is inherently destined for
failure. The documentation of and his thoughts on this process continue to
stir debate and discussion amongst different communities on the web and in
the press.

You can also hear Tom's NPR interview by Madeleine Brand at

Attached jpgs:

Derek Lerner: Quarter, 2003
Tom Sanford: "Defosition", 2003, oil and acrylic on board, 60.75 x 80.75"

Directions: Subway -L Train to Bedford Ave. Walk south on Bedford Ave. to
Grand St. Right on Grand St. to Kent Ave.   Car -Drive over the Williamsburg
Bridge. First exit. Right on Broadway. Right on Kent Ave. to Grand St.

For more information about the artist please contact us at 718.388.2858

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