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Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 06:38:16 -0600
Subject: [opensphincter] sick film idea

...It's not really a film idea, more just a sick mental image:

Cut to stereotypical "Ay-rab" street scene, screaming "woo wah woo wah"
ambulance siren approaching
Sequence of stereotypical fast cuts to Emerj Team "Ay-rab" pulling
stretcher out of once-white Mitsubishi van.
Stereotypical shot from within Emerj of stretcher being rolled in through
doors; once in, it abruptly stops and the victim sits bolt upright.
It's Roberto Benigni! He's telling those Roberto Benigni rapid-fire jokes!
only his arm is missing just below the shoulder and half his face is blown
I told you it was sick.


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