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Date: Sun, 6 Jun 1999 09:15:53 -0400
Subject: what characters you all are!!!


war skills anyone? a new 'bout time is now here the way beyond hang-up
please sense aid and abet this attempt witness my prayer my attempted
abstraction in the light of darkness which has befallen me oh not to
worry for I am mere I am Amir flicktional character in these regards so
please do not blame my behaviors or the beehiveiors of any others of my
co-characters on the author the so-called author who has some how
allowed us to come into manifestation and also please don't get hung up
on the fact that my name is Amir because you can bet that the names of
most of my co-characters are more like Johnny Sue or Bill or Samantha 
but let's not run too fast let's not ruin too vast for "author" itself
is problematic reason being did author author this? is the author
really and truly the author please let us get into this for a second at
least while we're here on this platform waiting for the commuter train
to take us back into the suburbs where we rest our heads and watch t.v.
where we hatch and re-hatch millions of t.v.'s into the general
population oh I know it is not the t.v. circuitry itself that does
anything by itself so why do we always blame the t.v. or any technology
for that matter or technology and science as a whole or so-called
rational civilized thought uh oh now we've gone into an area that might
truly be blameworthy is there no more smoking car in this train?
certainly we can still buy booze on the train can't we?



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