File spoon-archives/bataille.archive/bataille_1999/bataille.9906, message 2

Date: Sun, 6 Jun 1999 12:41:25 -0400
Subject: oh what these characters wrought!


high they are in the air at the recommended altitude for search missions
care clothed enough to be in touch and sufficiently alooft aluft that wings
shall not get snagged and sew froth on dawn the wire a danger rousing
letter mirror task a theme of some export import status or rudder an owl
sat stood perched positioned satationed located fixated appearence and now
possibly the other who writes ink-wirings and swollen masks and sun baskets
that almost forgotten owl in the night that comforted in a forgotten way
undetectably sparked without mark nor trace but with sleight if not slight
hints a near honest deception a sliver of wood meant to be vibrated by
breath the peeps about they buzznest though in great slumber what energies
display on their and our wavebands avenue lands softly if not oftly our
ghosts phantoms gravity stones beautifully inkscribed places long since
abandoned but it is not so simply so for nothing that is anything is alone
as each and reverie is all one that flew too easily by as well it properly
should for now is actually fulfilling other missions transisting all over
the palace grounds gifts and those vertical indications that in any weather
no matter how brutally determining the one half or a little less of the
hopulation whose name sounds like the missive never missed being brought
before the eyes of the hungry wonder at the existence of the so-called Plan
always eluded but never excluded not to leave out the re-ordering of
correspondences a challenge for which this might have pen a certain not
withstanding a pervasive uncertainty preparation in seed



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