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Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1999 06:43:45 -0500
Subject: sequinsed posse-essayed cuddling-loom floorflowing continuities

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sequinsed posse-essayed simply-pulsed cuddling-loom floorflowing continuities impulse never possessed nor possessed that sort of oscillation betwine object and verb most re-scentedly exemplified so now the immediate need to insert more space if fit all posse-pill-esq.(ue) wire-haven-pen-said 'n' spire-spread when needed maya-scented mail could not slay with any certain teas(e) that slipping sliding eliding was never marketed to acknowledge the oblivious playing face on mattress of art: the pleasure of anxiety: thank you for the positioning/
selection/modification/(frame-invention)/arrangement/({cuttin[g}(loom)] flower-arrangement) subtle large slightness significant sensitive difference makes in the "all" and the way it's perceived and felt (sensibilities lightly and ever so delicately (t)eased/stirred/heard/ (evolved further unknown(s)/
un-nodes)) immediately upon my return delay of some slight duration endured sleepfully partially re-invigorated substantially enough to re-ignite the night somewhat sheepish if not altogether sleepish not to mansion weepish or beepish/bleepish psi-mutational downlinkages catavaulting within her the memory of her feather verse(d)-spilling encre encore dose slittle wheel-like black hearts arts plucked t' lie a Spring Quartet the cuddling loom flower witness so far now the three of more before and after the psi-cling numbers/slumbers he stood there for a moment though he knew he could not remain there for long. he had to move on as most do. most people before long move on in some way even if it looks like they're staining stillness motionless pristinity tarnished smudged distorted in some small but irritatingly significant way well you can see why he had finally though there's no finality to get out of there and into somewhere else where he'll stand or sit or recline again for at least a while before once again though it's usually never just once again he'll find himself having to trudge off and s(l)o(w) it glows considerable tropical range inching itchingly up welcome to ancient history: a diary of awkwordnessencessations 'n' start-back-ups-un-back-up-able: and hope: asked permission but did not wait for response to my request hence thus therefore this re-count and repeated copied yet never-the-same reponse to words words from out of nowhere? no one? of course not. it was she/he who wrote. and it is "I" who responds in this particular now. to what extent might this become a list like others only smaller? please use (send to others on your list as you did the comments of Sea Kinetic) whatever part of this or no part or modified or interpolated/ intertwined/entertwinned with X where X is unknown to my conscious mind or other. this space "you" (and who else? (ooze who?)) have discovered/invented with your two writings, your two sets of reluctance to say anything directly about it/them. rather you feel from 
 this that I now supposedly write and have written and shall a response to you and what you've written and now poem opens closes more inclusively here in these vibrations feelings moods atmosphere setting new space discovered invented some of your words the use by me so-called me while the respect conventionally expected/accorded/accordioned and the trembling unseen fears/fear/attraction the sense of being drawn (d'raw/(Dr. Aw(e)) 'n' sew forth up/down across/agloss the way/wave(s)/(w/ave(nue/new) out loud this silent way invisible except to you made visible in whatever part by you or in total or in short or none or some made visible to all feel/be free felt velvet silence void such spacious space the wonder a fit all comfort no longer constricted long walks dawn the street making her stretch in waves never expected pleasures pressures begging egging oh voids 'n' nulls 'n' ships' hulls flowing continuities again showing it's self-offer off o' her the momentary felt-velveted need now softened by the desire not to be swept awave by desire in a sudden gust of vent the time felt needed to remove oneself sufficiently from the torrent resist the dance glass consciousness spatialized he stood there motionless and vulnerable in the prism house of language though he knew that he would be caught up in it for centuries oblivious in (h)is[-]zone sway of the way ohm once a name now a unit of measure of electrical resistence resistence that's electrical resistence is electrical in these caves once administirred by 
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