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Date: Sat, 25 Dec 1999 03:01:49 -0500
Subject: flutterously 

{ }

a rich chill the sound worded words sound themselves again without being
sounded again they sound until better centered upon no center at all except
somehow felt on high spindly antenna-like struts the words charm and
shammer flame to mind-lit brain circuitries celebrate green backdrop limbs
and lines of lights white style this year back east just north of the city
could be similar write here insight the city but I haven't pen around t'
sea forth motions momenta felt so far different from other such-like
excursions but they weren't searchlight now were they(?) 'cause now is
conveyed forth parallel differences betwine them counterpunkted not punked
but punkt/Punkt peer the versed sound essence 'fore the delta door delivery
deva therein betwin suggest a bridge scene from below its fruits ooze
sources masterfate the eggs of peach the sounds of each the looks of each
agloss the clay divine that confounding mode of many-fist-ation yes would
lather slay divine than separations into compartments or apartments though
consensus realty the purchase of proper teepee plots out ownerships and
dose strengths griminality for owning nothing all neatly plotted line curve
tendency syndromatic patternings world takeover (WTO) almost silently
vigorous dancebands soundtracks compute sample uses of the sciences seances
emplum the debts of disappear yes letters get together of their own A-chord
'n' sew forth gravities delay the sway dance on in words heard felt not
clearly knowing which it is or ain't nonetheless the getting to gather of
letters pitches stitches hitches riches treasures stricken articulations
critical acute critical morass point of attack assault shatter unless
quickly the rest rise from rest enforced and programmed slumber while
walking and chalking out guidelines suggested/dictated civilized delivery
style duress parade dress the normative her name: Norma Tiff put to rest
any dissonance unacceptable there are acceptable dissidents just guessing
the spell under which whichever vines under up around through permissible
roadways sidewalks cooridors wires combinations of keys both musical and
wordical switches to(o) the lights screened off other controls access
benign news and weather channel noose 'n' leather channel direct redirect
sublimate or repress suppress reroute mysteries next text exit-pathematics
its curves swerves and envelopes and enveloping envelopments/envoluptments
its torques resonating electrical and electronical machineries increasingly
bionical vintage TRON ages ago intimated the intimidated stood bold and
tall sense of oneself fitting well in proper 'n' cooperative appeal where
the signs are on fire the signs are ablaze something spin loosed upon the
atmospheres shaken loose and down in pieces sharp and jagged emerging from
jell-o and milktoast no longer quite the same bow the same smile the same
salute through glass broken choice broken teeth marks the sport diagrammed
play-spectrum the already constructed concepts molding holding sometimes
too often sweetly if not passionately crack shatter spatter atomize rupture
makeWake for other which is self that blissing in d' skies forgotten
hold-card at the ready fresh and unmanageable bust doubt wild procreation
of doubts hot out d' oven new faith in the uncertain uncertain even of the
existence of the uncertain look like the return of the midnighters the
desired undoing itself pre-scented outburst instrumental in the writing of
the wrongs so clearly and careerly confused how to make without being made
who would know an unnecessary concern(?) when something else that phrase
itself something else which is something else usually  not now in the same
way conscious of its newly born status doesn't mind carefully backstage
when where they switch up of riddle or no concern no this may not be
assumed prezoomed no let it be as if no opinion built on the less than
enjoyable etc. yes posse-ed passed and past ancient when only that instead
of all or at least the beaconing of much more than before for he never
experienced such limitation such possibility such poseability as that
indeed is thereto attracted though he feels a trap it would most certainly
though he is uncertain be the way split up natural(ly less readable
(supples headly)) letter writ be that way if it tends bends sways breaks
brakes jerks snaps flips flagments into flag mentalities or new rags from
the gap that place that space already taken over by spy-instructed
firmations the few who attract nearly all but not for real nice pitiful
sensitive weak supposition superstition respected wealth of the poor feared
response tries for better angle mode code abode a loan a lend a rend an end
only a flash darkness then again the world slowly lights its way back into
feel the weight grave unless re-lit until ablaze transist assist team yes a
way out the way out far out no further out than in here illusions abound
resound rebound the circle spiral chant for the goal not universally
suitable inhabit in habit broke one day soon back when menacing the
rediscovery through eruption the pieces flew though not all discrete some
molten fiery fluids licked hotly lavished just noticed one zone proper
belonging be-wronging interrupt interrupted conclusion neo-glassical blew
flee in a cape with anise smoldering upon and within it in a Wunderstanding
wave being aloft in the city where boutiques abound to replace galleries
and old artist garrets the imposition that kind civilised instruction and
enlightenment along with its partner bombs and other forms of murderous
fire and its other partner the renaissance of classical old killer diseases
it all begins with a dignified and cordial gesture the bitternesses
multiply for the purposes of creativity and a general coming completely
undone if there's any luck in it the clocks pitched a fit in the minds of
on-duty clipboard carriers in charge through the night of the day and the
day of the night someone said the day-harsh night aflicker with scissors in
hand the machete rose to inclusion as delicately slivered silvered through
plaited pleats draperies vines they fell under a spell of words reigning
dawn upon and into them laughing they laughed thus injected/infected with
bubbles and screens animated figures in relation to one another day and
night and day envelop without rupture unbearable unbareable split nowhere
to be found the eyes roll up into the head and the feet without orders dart
from pressures added up centuries millions converge this point just before
the apple turnover decoupage



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