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Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 10:13:16 -0500
Subject: Re: v.r.s.

>Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 14:55:28 (PST)
>From: Marcus Wilker <>
>Subject: Re: v.r.s.
>so long since i've written, responded to glimmering humming textual wires
>on this almost silent list.  you're right, of course:  my last reply was
>fairly thoughtless.  Too long between writings, too little content, do not
>do excite, light up, these lines, this space... Between the flat sea from
>which no subject ever pokes up her/his head, leaving nothing but history's
>pounding surf, and the too-constituted cliffs of the subject, too slowly
>eroding, is there another (im)possibility?  to be swept along the river,
>thrown under but still swimming?  A dirty (or) kind (of) death?  Moment of
>for-itself, space of freedom, conscious agent, without being a mere
>collaborationists who may but steal crumbs?  Any help on this dilemma, or
>is there anyone to help?  help!

shimmer-linkly moanful this mourning understood not just sexual wires so
wrongly written one's desire dream fantasy feeling notion motion lotions
permeate and melt all scents hive hidden shamfully my lapsed refolding
reflooding eyes yes all but silent dark matter lurking majority space-bulk
respect and thank lavishly honey-spread Spiralinguas' inhabitants awash
with too little contentment too much containment a need to release in t'
somewhere good channel direct vessel aloft afloat endure forth generally
propagate through proper gate if search a thing mate exist for these
outlaws such as they art-claim t' be worthy of same shelter foods 'n'
curtains on the whole thing sudden derangement of a derangement stark real
eyes exit sight was the terror promised and delivered blindness t'
guarantee if not t' tease and squeeze as on screen allure you reach for
your nun-existent money just imagine that flat waveless ocean is quite
lit-up tongue-wedge itself-illumined darkness the colour of blue and black
knight did fight for ratings clear the birds newly at the ready Freddy all
sealed back up tight thus rightly accepted for the job and paid handsumly
black hole resounding history of its ehoic reality space set of set keys t'
the city of dreams be-twin writings savor this chance to respond as if
confident confidensities teased apart a party yoke cavity-yolk support
cream riddle content(ment) this spice a bloody creation of bloody detail
woven long tool pounding shore of volts voltaic discharge any and all
implications enfoldments draperies recaptivate inner fate sound-alike but
feary differ hint too slovenly had to have its day in the light of darkness
chill shudder and quake went the chimes all in place too pat as it swerve
classic within one's own scheme and scam privilege thrusting an immediate
sea-birth in simultaneous contrast to the acknowledged traditional and very
useful erosions recardless of their velocities cavalier flip off-hand
self-indictment offered little if any thin veil t' the hole endeavor but
that little bite pretended to wake all the differinch she wait and continue
for it has shamed to be her nature's vault that it all came down this sway
so thus achin' akin is there a mother possibility? chose(?) not to fight
the currents at least not as much as for the last 15-20 years pen swept
along up t' here 'n' now even more intensely rapidly and acceleratedly so
be it seems the way t' glow spice this affire the round endure under in
do-er beneath be near earth ooze e-rose of a dearthy kind momenta various
rhymes with old other place names a fold here at least slightly unfold
generous and un-bare-able need of these stimuli the norm among us all and
them too for the two add up as one big co-lab-oration dance painting
science business adverteasement t' slay each and every thus no need though
it may appear passionately to escape this divine murder



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