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Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 18:48:56 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: v.r.s.


savoring your response, your writing, teasing apart, making a difference.
Words that sound alike but always offer something feary differ hint. 
Like when silent majority becomes silent dark matter lurking majority,
with its need to release in t' somewhere good channel ...

I take it from you, and please take it from here, that death is always
taking off somewhere:  curtains on the whole thing, and then draperies,
folds, and a sudden derangement of a derangement stark real eyes the real
in these repetitions:  the city of dreams be-twin writings.  It's not a
flat waveless ocean if we just imagine that flat waveless ocean is quite
lit-up, itself-illumined darkness the colour of blue and black ink, its
flows, currents and pen swept along up t' here 'n' now even more intensely
rapidly and acceleratedly

But the way out is not just in writing.  Even as a material figure, if we 
look more closely at the ocean, the birds are there too.  Not just a 
bloody detail.  And an immediate sea-birth in simultaneous
contrast to the acknowledged traditional... no major figure without its
minor paths, voices, miracles (and very useful erosions) 

Only in a blindness that only sees major figures, does it come down this
sway so thus achin' akin is there a mother possibility?  When the cry
stops being this major cry, a cry for mother, but we start playing with
it, hear and there, and a bobbin-and-thread machine is not just a mother

I hope these understandings don't stand in the way of what was
underway.  And can you expand a bit on this bit:

> science business adverteasement t' slay each and every thus no need though
> it may appear passionately to escape this divine murder



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