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Subject: Re: Resistance (another old thread)
Date: Mon, 23 May 94 10:48:05 PDT writes:
>Re Tristan's comments:
>	In fact I believe I have elaborated on "emancipation" in a 
>previous posting.

Well, I guess we just disagree here.  I think you've uttered the
usual stuff about "critical consciousness" and the like, but nothing
beyond that.  I'm just attempting to find out what you mean when you
say such things.
  However, I would like to move on to your contruction
>of what Baudrillard would or would not approve of or be skeptical of.

What *anyone* "would or would not approve of" is hardly something
I've talked much about.  I think perhaps you are assuming that I
give B. (or theory generally) far more weight than I do--in fact,
one of the more interesting things I found in your initial posts was
the incredible power *you* seemed to be investing in theory to 'lead
us to emancipation' or some such.

>wonder how productive this way of posing questions is. 

Again, I don't think I've posed any such questions about
"approval"--I *do* however think it might be interesting to know
what the reasons might be for a particular unhappiness with B.
Assuming of course that "he doesn't use feminist theory" is
insufficient at face value as an explanation.

>	You are right that he is skeptical of the emancipatory potential
>of any theory, after all "the orgy has ended" according to B.  When I
>spoke to him of the women's movement he was truly quite glib.  Had I
>read _Seduction_ before his visit to our campus I might have 
>understood.  It is clear that his "strategy" is antithetical to that

Yes, and the motivation behind my questions is I suppose to discover
first why this is problematic to you and second why you apparently
are still interested in finding use for him.  It certainly does seem
that you consider him worthwhile enough to talk about--why?



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