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Date: Tue, 24 May 94 07:54:00 EDT
Subject: Re: Worth of cyber-discussion

I have a slightly different theory than Whit (or is it the same?).  It
seems to me that the crucial thing about music in this context is that
it is sensual.  In the ultimate analysis, everybody on a music list
is in the same boat: discussing their own sensual pleasure.  It is
like having a discussion of love.  People may bring completely
different angles to the discussion -- they may be discussing theory,
craftsmanship, technique, history, personal preferences, strange occurrences,
anectodes -- but it all goes to one goal: towards enhancing and deepening the
pleasure.  Music lists are culinary, and so are film lists.  Philosophy
_could_ perhaps be approached that way, but we don't.  Literature, I
think, is somewhere in-between.

- malgosia

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