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Date: Mon, 23 May 1994 05:39:03 -0300
Subject: Re: Resistance (another old thread)

Re Tristan's comments:
	In fact I believe I have elaborated on "emancipation" in a 
previous posting.  However, I would like to move on to your contruction
of what Baudrillard would or would not approve of or be skeptical of.  I
wonder how productive this way of posing questions is.  He is, in his
own words, "indiferent" and he encourages other thinking beings (theorists
or no) to also be indifferent, if not more than indifferen.

	You are right that he is skeptical of the emancipatory potential
of any theory, after all "the orgy has ended" according to B.  When I
spoke to him of the women's movement he was truly quite glib.  Had I
read _Seduction_ before his visit to our campus I might have 
understood.  It is clear that his "strategy" is antithetical to that


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