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Date: Mon, 24 Jul 1995 09:19:26 -0800
Subject:  disappearance

 (Real Baudrillardians probably don't
> post...) 

But he himself does post.  His project of disappearance is very much
a public spectacle.  What do you make of that?

- malgosia

baudrillard 'disappears' in the media.  don't we all?  (exactly the
point of his piece on the implosion of the masses in the media).  is
there a 'political' sense to this?  not at all.  it is the simulation
of politics.  and what resists the simulation of politics?  indeed,
what resists the simulation of anything these days (and what
baudrillard calls the 'brutal de-simulation of everything today,' the
final abjection of the real, its complete absorption into simulation)?
 baudrillard writes about the woman who sends her lover one of her
eyes after he told her he loved them.  for baudrillard, it's not
about 'resistance' but seduction, and seduction is the gift, and the
ultimate sacrifice (shades of Mauss, Bataille)...  baudrillard's
writing is an exercise in fatal theory.  if he can seduce theory away
from itself, give it a gift that can't be returned, that would be no
small accomplishment.  bb  



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