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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 1995 14:40:27 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re: the wager of seduction

oh god i forgot how much nsca telent fucks up my emailing....bear w/ me i have
no delete key....shawn and ross put something together in the last few posts
about disappearence and seduction that i feel ive been reaching for and not
quite acheving... lately i've felt that cultural studies of popular culture has
over looked the fact that the transgressive elements of consumption (early John
Fiske, susan willis) that they study might be complicit with capitalist ideas
of to resist consumption, then , if ways of changing the ways
its done dont work. sounds like a question JB answers in his ideas of seduction
ecstacy and disappearence. that is hyperlogical consumption, pushing capitalist
systems father and farther over the edge, until everyone gets sucked into
imploded might not be wise to characterize this hyperlogic as
"resistance" but i'm going to do it anyway, even if only to piss everyone off.
:) for the academic , especially one on the left, trying to create knowledge
that promotes struggle and revision, this ...To SEE this is a very anxious
position...struggle done so well so hyperlogically that it undoes everything.
that we all disappear. if we are to feel this unease over JB, we inevitably ask
ourselves, "Is what Baudrillard predicts Really happening?" If I have learned
anything, its to ignore the "really" questions. when i start thinking about the

of ...the validity of theory, i wake up and realize (or fall asleep and dream)
that what is most significant about the theory is that it destabilizes
discourse, perspective and positions i have. And it helps me to imagine things
other that "I"....pontification over finer points of that theory, while
acknowleedging its importance, sometimes undoes the destabilizing effect that
can be gained....Back to JB: We have been given a way of imaging alternatives
to political and social ima..representations. I want to encourage , as shawn
says , that we "put alot of things in our pot" , we make that attempt, even if
anxiously, we acknowledge that articultaions will fail. We  should not start
limiting ourselves by saying "never the twain shall meet".
I look forward to a time .....forget it.
I would like to see, if enougjh agrree to it, a list/forum where we can talk
about using Baudrillard in cultural studies, instead of trying to fix his
position in the sapce of critical theory....

i am especially inspired by later works of John Fiske , Susan Willis, and Mark

this will probably get me in hot water, 



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