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Date: Wed, 26 Jul 1995 02:03:36 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: the wager of seduction

To Ryan:

Sure, Sure, Sure, use Baudrillard for cultural studies all you want, so 
long as you don't expect it to "work".  If there is any point at which 
Deleuze and Guattari are in total agreement with baud. or vice versa, its 
in the ideal that "it" only works by breaking down.  And if the "left" 
still had anything left, I would be the first to join you.  But there is 
simply nothing left.  

Regarding resistance, It is a nice word to use, but what do you think you 
are/will be resisting?  That's one I can no longer figure out.  The left 
as you call it is the institution, so where does that leave leftists to 
resist?  The periphery does not resist, it kills and dies.  In case you 
haven't noticed, it is the right which is now performing revolutions.  So 
if you are resistive or revolutionary, you are just dancing around in the 
center, bound by the Law.  

If you want to piss of us pathetic few on this list, then you really must 
rethink what you intend to resist from.  I know, indifference complicates 
your ideological desires, but for what its worth, no one really cares.  
Cultural studies thinks its doing something, and so long as it does, it 
will remain imperialistic, capitalistic, and reductionistic.  The West 
can neither understand nor help the East, but only fuck it up worse than 
it already has.  And the priveledged cannot help the oppressed, but only 
patronize them.  Utopic ideology is only production, so stop fighting it, 
and seduce it.

(cult)ural stu(dies)

Oklahoma was only the begining,




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