File spoon-archives/baudrillard.archive/baudrillard_1995/baudrillard.07-95, message 27

Date: Wed, 26 Jul 95 09:30:49 EDT
Subject: Re: the wager of seduction

Ross, it seems to me a tad silly to take serious issue with the word
"resistance".  To write/theorize in order to break down, disappear, seduce --
what is at stake in insisting that this is not a form of resistance?
And when you say: 

> Cultural studies thinks its doing something, and so long as it does,
> it will remain imperialistic, capitalistic, and reductionistic.  
> worse than it already has.  And the priveledged cannot help the oppressed, 
> The West can neither understand nor help the East, but only fuck it up 
> but only patronize them.  Utopic ideology is only production, so stop 
> fighting it, and seduce it.

you're even putting forth some proposals for what it is that is targeted 
for the resistance; so what gives?  Is anything to be gained by
pretending that one is _not_ trying to resist anything?  (That may
very well be true, actually; I don't know.) 

- malgosia 



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