File spoon-archives/baudrillard.archive/baudrillard_1995/baudrillard.07-95, message 34

Date: Thu, 27 Jul 95 00:12:35 EDT
Subject: Re: the wager of seduction

> The point being that I could just as easily agree with 
> Ryan, I could disagree, I could agree with a completely 
> self-contradictory argument, or disagree with the subtle implication that 
> I was actually in agreement, or I could simply make an direct set of 
> statements in which you, the reader, can assume a position I have, which 
> I may not have, or I could drink just enough alcohol to be just below the 
> level of making sense.  Who knows?  But, gain is the last thing i was 
> thinking of.  So what do you think?

Yes, of course you could always and anywhere do any of these things.  
Is there any more reason to purposely do them on this here list than 
anywhere else?   

- malgosia 



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