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Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 10:27:01 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: the wager of seduction

Re: "resistance"

These semantic purges seem to ake on a life of their own, pretty well
divorced from questions about the sorts of discourse we're involved in.
The question of stakes in using a particular language is only meaningful
if we're pretty specific about what we're up to. If, for example, our goal
is to come up with a language which we imagine to be faithful to
Baudrillard's expressed project, then the sort of personal, moral
"resistance" that Malgosia is talking about probably has no place. But
earlier in this thread i was trying to ask whether it made any sense for
us - particularly here, in this situation - to attempt to speak a language
of object-ivity. Is the point of doing whatever it is with Baudrillard
that we must disappear too? And, if so, where do we begin - specifically,
can "we" begin anywhere except with the language of persons, folks who say
"I"? And what, again, does a baudrillard mailing list have to do with
this? And then, even if something like this is our goal, are there not
a-personal senses of "resistance" suggested by Baudrillard's own text. The
mass as ground, or perhaps as resister - as something which has the
property of not passing (certain) energies? Just as simultaneously the
mass seems to be a sort of miraculating machine, which passes those
energies indiscriminately, always making channels - anything as long as
that energy just flows through and away...

I find myself, probably necessarily (which is to say in a certain sense,
fatally), always somewhere between the personal moment - where one speaks
about Baudrillard, his texts, their uses - and another, more seduced
moment - where one, which is not Jean Baudrillard, but at which he
gestures, speaks me. There are moments too, where "i" am not - but they
are harder to bring to this place, except perhaps in our collective
silences, and in the resistances that making reading one another so




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