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Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 22:08:38 -0400
Subject: Re: dueling forces=abstraction

Willliam wrote:
>not resistance, but the challenge and the duel.  where does that duel
>take place?  where the two collapses (sublimates?) into radical
>indeterminacy, the implosion of real and imaginary, virtual and
>actual, in the spacetime of simulation.  what is involved in the
>duel?  nietzsche's dice throw...  luck... passion.... the game.  bb  

sp: This is a duel with no ground, no grounds for judging or winning. The
duel of forces of Will, one enabled by the other in a whirlwind of
reflexivity with no referent. Given this quality of entanglement, one might
assume the outcome in terms of representation.  But a representation that
is renders neither inside, nor out.  Toward that I would suggest reading an
article by John Rajchman in the recent Academy Editions, Philosophy and the
Visual Arts. issue on Abstraction.  There he describes Deleuze's thoughts
on abstraction...Pollacks's lines and such. 



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