File spoon-archives/baudrillard.archive/baudrillard_1995/baudrillard.07-95, message 44

Date: Sat, 29 Jul 95 10:14:59 EDT
Subject: literality

It seems to me that there is, on these lists, a tendency towards a certain
narrow-minded literality -- on the Deleuze list one must talk "schizo",
on baudrillard one must disappear. But if it is true -- as I think it is,
and you'll correct me if not -- that these people regard their thinking
as a box of tools from which one chooses what suits one and discards
the rest, then they do assume some kind of a choosing "I",  
some kind of purpose for which this "I" does the choosing, and the
possibility of talking about these tools from a perspective in which 
one might or might not choose them.  Or maybe this toolbox view is not 
true of B?   If not, then what _is_? 

- malgosia 



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