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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 18:21:13 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re: translation of "Gulf War article"


this list will not has not cannot implode!!!!

if it had then there'd be a free play of events simulatimg the existence of
intellectuals pontificating on the finer points of ecstasy and inertia
In fact, an imploded list would probably be alot more lively than this one ..
whous boundaries between signifier and signified are still clearly drawn!

as insular as theoretical discussions can be, i still think discussing
baudrillard is worthwhile! and doesnt have to end in "oh the world is going to
end the sky is falling everything swirls into FATAL strategies and symbolic
exchange and DEATH!!!!

you want to know what it feels like to live in "ahistorical, atemporal" time?
what about the well documented experiences of the post colonial subject? can we
read JB and Spivak, or Said, or Bhabhbha (?), or Fanon, together. can we tie
baudrillard's idea of the death of the social (or the study of the social) to
the end (or shift of focus) of colonialism, the force which legitimated study
cultures and "social" systems as a way of making them into the Other?
At least then, we wouldn't be talking about the nameless faceless masses, we
would've seen the mass(es) as a group in a position which needs to be examined
critically. or wait, better way to say that would be: the subject postition of
the masses which JB sees as remarkable would be connected to a
political/social/econonic subject position which offers a critical perspective
on the western physical/intellectual control of historical/social discourse.

my emailer seems to be broken. i'll stop. but i think that this kind of
connexion can be made in other ways. i hope this made some sense. im tired and
not everyone on thsi list is on the postco list too..

rschram is -AT-, Ryan S.



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