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Date: Sun, 24 Sep 95 11:30:48 PDT
Subject: Re: Any interest?

On Sun, 24 Sep 1995 13:47:23 -0400 (EDT) you wrote:

>It looks like there's at least three or four of us interested in 
>re-reading _Simulations_. So let's do it. I'm assuming we're all 
>interested in the (kinda) new translation?

Ok, so is this the Semiotext(e) version or the Univ of Michigan Press

I'm doing another reading group on the Listserv that I administer, and
it seems that what works for most people is if there is a small number
of pages to read per day for discussion, say about 20.  That would put
the reading of sim & sim at around 8 days, which might seem like a
long time, but it won't get in the way too much for those of us who
have loads of other (as I'm told, "more important") reading to do.

Anyway, if we do something like this, count me in.



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Destroying Knowledge

"The time has come, it seems, to face the facts:  
revolution is movement, but movement is not 
revolution.  Politics is only a gear-shift and 
revolution only its overdrive"

"Fear is the cruelest of assassins:  It never 
kills but keeps you from living."
				An old saying.

"Under the Republicans, Man exploits Man.
Under the Democrats, it's the other way around."
				A not-so-old saying.

"Empiricism is the matrix of all faults menacing a discourse
which consider itself scientific."

"There is a jubilation proper to spectacular nullity, and the last
form it takes is that of *statistical contemplation*"

"The obligation to talk with those one would reject imposes an
obligatory community where none may be desired, giving the lie
to consent and the tollerance of difference.  Coerced participation
in dialogue, coerced speech, is presented as an invitation to 
self-expression and equality, yet those who are brought into
these against their will have already been denied one aspect of
their self-determination.  They enter subordinate."
				Anne Norton

"Narrated reality constantly tells us what must be believed and 
what must be done.  What can you oppose to the facts?  You 
can only give in, and obey what they "signify," like an oracle, 
like the oracle of Delphi.  The fabrication of simulacra thus 
provides the means of producing believers and hence people 
practicing their faiths."
				de Certeau

"The person who follows others has no trust in himself: that's 
why he follows others. The man who has trust in himself 
learns from others but does not follow. He follows his own 
insight. Whatsoever the risk he never compromises." 

"Because modernity is excessively conscious of time, it
somehow removes joy from human existence."
				P.M. Rosenau

"[The] arithmetic element of the State found its specific
power in the treatment of all kinds of matter:  Primary 
matters (raw materials), the secondary matter of 
worked objects, or the ultimate matter constituted by 
the human population.  Thus the number has always 
served to gain mastery over matter, to control its 
varitations and movements, in other words to submit 
them to the spatio-temporal framework of the State"
				Deleuze & Guattari


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