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Date:         Tue, 26 Sep 95 07:24:37 EDT
Subject:      Re: dab->beginning(s)

I too would echo Douglas Brown's questions regarding revolution. Is
Baudrillard positing a nihilistic cul-de-sac or does he allow for some
way out, be it revolution or ...? If it is the aforementioned cul-de-
sac, is there a response to the ultimate escape, viz. suicide? It would
seem that Camus' argument would not hold any more. As a corollary, if
there is a revolution to come, of what nature would it be? Is it possible
to await anything at the end of history? Awaiting does seem to imply some
sort of linear pro/re-gression.  Ted

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"Il n'est pas question de rejeter la technique. Nous ne
pouvons pas regresser, nous sommes obliges de passer a
travers la technique. Et pour cela nous devons combattre
l'objet technique, nous mesurer avec lui."
-- Paul Virilio, in "Esclaves de la vitesse [interview]",
POLITIS-MAGAZINE, no.19 (1994:July/Aug.), p.75.
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