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Date: Tue, 26 Sep 1995 06:49:30 +1000
Subject: Re: Any interest?

>It looks like there's at least three or four of us interested in
>re-reading _Simulations_. So let's do it. I'm assuming we're all
>interested in the (kinda) new translation?

I sure am - I just picked up the newly republished Semiotexte edition - is
that the one you're talking about? I'm not sure it'sa new translation, I
thought it was just a reprint. I have both,however, so I'll see if there
are differences and get back on this.


>I'm going to pick up a copy this week if I can find it in Atlanta and
>start posting my own interests/questions.
>I'm also going to post the Baudrillard in Cyberspace article to this
>list, but you can also find it at

Yes please do - my browser seems incredibly slow so it costs a fortune
inphone bills (in the UK the local calls are time- charged) email seems
faster - J



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