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Date: Fri, 29 Sep 1995 14:09:58 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: dab->Disney/Capital Corp.

moving through Sim/Sim hoping others are still out there. . .

I find it an intersting link that Disney has now joined forces with 
"Captial" Cities Corp.  Baud. notices that "Disneyland is a perfect model 
of all entangled orders of simulacra" (12).  Which he follows up , after 
his example fo ideology as theme park and that this "digest of the 
American way of life" only acts as a blanket that covers the "fact that 
the real is no longer the real" (13), with his discussion of capital.  
Perhaps this is in itself a re-doubling effect.  TV (mass media) and 
Disneyland united!  What irony!  Baud. makes it clear that the mass media 
is responsible for much of the overdoings of meaning, and also addresses 
the way in whcih captial wants us to remain (stasis) rational (or at 
least "combat it in the name of rationality" (15).

Capital: "it is a monstrous unprincipled enterprise, nothing more.  It is 
"enlightened" thought that seks to control it by imposing rules on it" 
(15).  Does Disney have a mass of rules? Yes, don't get rowdy, stand in 
line (stay within the yellow lines), be polite, be courteous, be NICE!  
Just as ther are no books in disneyland, there are rules.  This is 
capital entertainment (rather than (or similar to) capital punishment).

Capital punishment: for me, it is going to the mall....the hyper-mart 
(HyperMart USA)...captial seems to employ rules upon the consumer: buy 
this (just do it!) and you'll be this (cool, hip, a purveyor of good 
taste), but the commodity cannot fulfillk its lofty soon as 
you get one thing, captial tells us (via rules) that it is not enough.  
Buy a new car---every 18 months; upgrade your software--every 18 months; 
move into a new house--every 18 months...etc.

Then, Baud loses me a bit: "Capital, in fact, was never linked by a 
contract (literal?) to the society it dominates.  It is a sorcery of 
social relations, it is a *challenge to society*, and it must be 
responded to as such" (15).  Does this mean the rules are merely 
*implied* and that the contract is not what dominates us, but we are the 
ones which authored the contract by engaging in capitalism?
I've moved along into the text, and found some answer in teh Hypermarket 
chapter...but am still a bit vague on this.  

Later in this chapter he comments that capital "does nothing but multiply
the *signs* and accelerate the play of simulation.  This I "get", the
excess of meanig given to *things* that otherwise have no meaning, and I
see how captial does this (esp. with cars, homes, and clothing). 

I have more to add, but hate long posts, so here's a place to 
explode/implode from....

douglas brown



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