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Date: Sat, 23 Sep 1995 22:48:21 +1000
Subject: Re: The Shadow of the Shadow of the SILENT Majorities

yup 's awfull quiet here so I thought I'd jump in with both feet - I just
bought _The Gulf War did Not Happen_ I thought Paul Patton's intro hit the
nail on the head in his critique of Chris Norris's critique of
postmodernism (accusations of nihilism) looks like Norris totally missed
the point that B was making over the mediation (and orgy of media) standing
in the way of making sense of the Gulf War. Of course what worries me in a
sense is that the counter-reading might suggest that B thought that maybe
without all the hype there would be a way of getting at some sense of the
reality of the war... any thoughts? I also have Simulations (I'm guessing
that is the Sim &Sim yer refering to?) and yup I'm a taker fer that one

Cheers, Jerry

>On Thu, 21 Sep 1995 wrote:
>> Nick,
>> I am as surprised as you...this list has been real quiet ever since I
>> subscribed, too.
>Why the hell not.  If there's anyone out there they can join in.  You
>name the book and I'll order, buy or borrow it.  I think Blackwell has a
>reader out, maybe it would be good.



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