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Subject: Re: Hello
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 20:06:00 -0700

> Nope, Myth of America is merely strengthened, in my USA citizen opinion.
> Okay, now that I've said that, what exactly is the Myth of America again?

LOL, yeah you know it.  Which ever version you favour, the essential theme
is that freedom and honesty and goodness and hardwork and good solid
Christian values (as enshrined in that secular constitution) will always

And while none of this is to dismiss the profound selflessness and human
kindness we have all seen in your cohorts in NYC and Washington, it does
raise so many complex questions that I, for one, just don't see being asked.

Does anyone here actually THINK that that awesome picture of the 3 NYC
firefighters raising the stars and stripes over some rubble--in an uncannily
similar  parallel to--what's it called?--the Washington War Memorial--the
statue of the  WWII soldiers at Iwo Jima raising the flag--is uhhhhh,
[please don't send your CIA after me] a candid shot--read: REAL?  Let's ask

> My next door neighbor, a devout catholic stay-at-home mommy with 3
> under the age of 6, firmly told me that since innocent people were killed
> the WTC and vicinity, therefore it was justified to kill innocent ("not
> *directly responsible") people in Afghanistan because that country harbors
> the terrorists.  Didn't even blink.

Ellen, nothing surprises me.  I just got an email from someone who was glad
that I blasted someone for a PETITION headed straight for the UN of course,
to stop the pending war.  My point was, yeah, this petition of VIRTUAL
people is gonna count for somethun' here.  My new friend agreed as this war
is predicted in Revelations and don't people READ THEIR BIBLES.

hello, calling the USA.

> Interesting, though, that this happened at a time when WWII is being
> seriously revisited in the American entertainment.  I saw the movie "Pearl
> Harbor" a few weeks ago, finally.  I am watching the second installment of
> "Band of Brothers" on HBO right now.  It's about the Normandy invasion.
> one company's experience in it.  I think my emotional responses to the WTC
> bombing are influenced by these fictive representations of WWII.

I never thought of that.  Wow.  Seriously.....let me see....oh Molly Shannon
where are you?  Don't get me started.  Don't even get me started.


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