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Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 17:08:13 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Re: Hello

i think all this talk of war is going to drive me insane.

the gov't is nuts if it thinks that terrorism won't work at stopping the
nation: flights are still only running 50% of the time, there is talk of
blowing parts of the world up, all i hear on the radio is that nobody
finds any bodies at the WTC, only body parts. parts for crissakes!

all of this talk about a need to "return to normalcy." i wish i knew which
one of our dead presidents said that and what the context was. maybe all
this chest thumping is a "return" to the "normal." maybe things are going
on as normal as normal can be.

i've seen NYC flattened how many times on tv/movies?

what's one more time?

and then john wayne in office. first reagan was a cowboy in LA, now g.w.
from texas. good lords, so many cowboys in office, so many withered old
white men pissing on each other, and the outcome? war war more war.

 Mainly, Rambo is a torso: absurdly muscular, perpetually taut, a sort of
 Nautilus-built hard-on. One critic wrote that "stalone is so pumped up
 his veins have erections." Rambo is so phallic, he really should be
 called Dildo.
                J. Hoberman. "Vietnam, The Remake"

On Sun, 16 Sep 2001, JEAN BAUDRILLARD wrote:

> Hello, everyone.  It seems that this list is somewhat quiet.  Well,
> perhaps some conversation needs to be started...what does everyone
> think about the events of sept. 11?
> --
> JEAN BAUDRILLARD, on 09/16/2001


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