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Dear Jean, all,
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I think the terror attack will show the world how terror is dangerous and
painful in general. Last year we suffered a lot from the terror in Israel.
It is not that I am saying it is good that the US atack took place of
course. But the world must understand the Jihad and Islamic atttitude to
solving problems.
Of course people might say "but in Israel you are the conquor, and the
Palestinians are the weak and humiliated side". But this is not correct. The
palestinian propaganda uses the ignorance of most people in the history of
other nations. Israel state was established after the UN approved the new
state. If the palestinians accepted the UN plane in 1947 for divided
palestine into 2 pieces there was no war in 48. The palestinians started the
war in 48. The arab nations never accepted Israel as a legitimate state in
the middle east. I believe the Jewish people have the right to build a state
of their own in Israel, since they coul;d not rest peacefully in any other
place in the world. because of the Holocaust. They didn't mind to share it
with the Palestinians, but the P refused. The occupation in 1967 was also a
result of the hostility of all Arab nations against Israel. It was Israel's
mistake to hold this occupied land, I agree, but Israel is the one that
always wanted to reach a peace agreement, even in the proce of giving up
parts of the land. Put it turns to be that the Palestinians want to come
back to exactly the places they were living before 48. How that can be? They
have no right for this now.
Hope I made the picture a bit clearer to some of you at least.

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> Hello, everyone.  It seems that this list is somewhat quiet.  Well,
> perhaps some conversation needs to be started...what does everyone
> think about the events of sept. 11?
> --
> JEAN BAUDRILLARD, on 09/16/2001


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