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Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 10:39:02 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Hello

This is a coll poesy Erick! Im serious! 
Verry good, verry poetical!!


--- Erik Hoogcarspel <> wrote:
> Here's a quicky
> All the airports are kind of Disneylands where the
> myth of the international
> businessman is displayed. The shops with perfumes,
> expensive whiskey and
> electronic gadgets, the buffets with
> champagnebreakfast and kaviaar.... it's all
> advertising a way of life which exists probably only
> in soaps. Most of the
> people who come they don't fit in, they're carrying
> crying children, loads of
> goods which were cheaper in the land of departure
> and all kinds of shabby trunks
> and bags. The clash between cultures: most people in
> airports come right from
> their village and are heading for another one or for
> their poor little homes
> where they live a hard working life.
> The crash transformed this Disneyworld into a war
> scene, the world of the clean
> king of commerce crashed down onto itself. The
> effect was a kind of implosion:
> nothing was left, only rubble.
> The signes are unclear, because it's a palimpsest.
> The terrorist wrote several
> texts over each other, because to him/her America is
> THE ENNEMY. If there's 1
> Allah, there also must be 1 ennemy. Some texts I
> read:
>    * we get you anywhere, nobody's save
>    * our brave martyrs are mightier then technology
>    * Allah is with us, otherwise it wouldn't have
> been so easy
>    * try to get me if you can
>    * we fight the international money system and the
> U.S.A.
>    * it's war: we make no prisoners
> The Middle East village mind works with symbols,
> with metafors. The world is
> full of holy places, which have to be kept. The land
> is a symbol of our communal
> mind and vice versa. When this mind enters the world
> of quantities, it becomes
> bewildered. Why are the large quantities, which
> stand for power and fertility
> outside the reach of the holy village? Why are they
> on the territory of THE
> OTHER? There must be something wrong, so much that
> the only acceptable
> perspective is war. War is the way things always
> have been put right. The
> villagemind still lingers on the stories of times
> when the whole world was a
> village, when you could drive months on a camel
> without reaching the border of
> the holy village.
> There always has been war in the holy village, but
> this time people walk in,
> claiming land on the basis of another religion, the
> religion which also had been
> hostile to the Prophet and these people are
> protected by THE OTHER. So THE OTHER
> enters the holy village and the villagemind enters
> the world of THE OTHER. THE
> OTHER  claims all the land, OK, the villagemind
> takes the war away from the
> land, it displaces the war into virtual space. From
> now on rules, rights,
> violence and crime are being sucked into this huge
> black hole, the crater of the
> Twins.
> erik
> > Hello, everyone.  It seems that this list is
> somewhat quiet.  Well,
> > perhaps some conversation needs to be
> started...what does everyone
> > think about the events of sept. 11?
> > --
> 09/16/2001

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