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Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 17:12:39 -0700
Subject: Some trends

I've noticed a pronounced trend on this seems as if ever 
since the events of 9-11, some have decided that everything that was 
done before, theorizing or whatnot, was a joke, and that they have 
"woken up" to the "true reality" and we need to give up our 
theorizing.  Why is this?  What has happened that requires this?  I 
am sorry, I just don't see it.  If anything, what happened just seems 
to underscore the need for theorizing.  Additionally, how can we 
create a distinction between theory and practice?  Theory IS 
practice!  The two are not separable!  

Another thing I've noticed is a certain level of conservativeness.  
This relates to the original point.  We need to "take action" against 
the terrorists.  And the Israel stuff...I'm not too sure about that.  
Israel is a simulacrum.  The models and simulations of it (in the 
Bible, among other places) led to its creation.  It doesn't really 
have a "real" basis.

Oh well, just a couple ponderings.  I could be totally wrong.

Take care, all.
JEAN BAUDRILLARD, on 09/17/2001


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