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                              Sentiments Continue
                              To Rise: Bush To Visit
                              Islamic Center

                              Monday, September 17
2001 -AT- 04:43 PM GMT
                              By Middle East News
Online Reporter 

                              WASHINGTON (MENO) -
White House spokesman Ari
                              Fleischer announced
today that Bush will be meeting
                              with Islamic leaders
today in D.C. in an attempt to urge
                              Americans to cease their
attacks against
                              Arab-Americans and
Muslim-Americans who are "fellow

                              The attacks on the World
Trade Center and the
                              Pentagon fueled anti
Arabs and Muslims sentiment here
                              in the United States.
Some say that the American media
                              has encouraged such
behavior by pointing the finger
                              exclusively on Osama bin
Laden or Palestinians for
                              carrying out the attacks

                              "The president feels
very strongly the importance of all
                              leaders across America
sending a message that as
                              Americans, Muslim
Americans love their flag too,"
                              Fleischer said. 

                              Bush asked for a
respectful treatment of
                              Arab-Americans and said
that Americans should not
                              direct their anger
against any group because of their
                              race or religion. 

                              The House of
Representatives Saturday unanimously
                              approved a non-binding
resolution condemning acts of
                              "bigotry and violence"
against Arab-Americans, Muslims
                              and South Asians living
in this country. 

                              In a recent poll
conducted by Reuters/Zogby showed a
                              majority of Americans
expressing favorable views of
                              Arab or Muslim
Americans. Only 8% said they
                              considered the United
States to be at war with Islam as
                              a whole. 

                              85% said the enemy was
"a small group of terrorists
                              who may be Muslim." 

                              The scope of the attacks
against the U.S. is still unclear.
                              But Arabs here are now
torn between two feelings;
                              sense of tragedy for
what struck their country, the
                              United States, and fear
that they would become easy
                              targets for those
searching for a scapegoat. 
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