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Subject: RE: Hello
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 06:00:48 +0400

Call it a sardonic laugh: when on several lists you find people trying ever
so feeably to contribute to the "manufacture of consent" by transferring an
ideologically-saturated type of unnuanced blanket discourse worthy of the
media industry to a supposedly theoretical/intellectual forum like this one.
You can't help but shake your head and say "Jeez, these people think we're
all bozos," or something.... But, you said it, this is where the humor ends.


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Agreed agreed. But where is the laugh? Or is it a case
of I would laught if it was not so sad, or dangerous
--- Salwa Ghaly <> wrote: > This
crap isn't worth responding to.  What the hell,
> we all need some comic
> relief these days! 


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