File spoon-archives/baudrillard.archive/baudrillard_2001/baudrillard.0109, message 55

Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 16:24:53 +0100 (BST)
Subject: crossposting crossdressing-

 Dear listers -- just noted there was a request to me
from Malgosia Askanas to not crosslist.. why? I sent a
reply and have not received reply. Nor was the email i
sent posted. In effect this has been censorship of the
silent type. The request to not cross post was made
under the claim that there are members signed to the
various lists who are seeing repeated mails. -- My
answer was surprise and how can this be proven and or
solved. Is there a way to avoid this? Or must I simply
stop? No answer forthcoming?? Itis not true that all
members of all the various spoon lists are all signed
to all of the lists. I am not signed to Bourdieu for
instance or Virilo. One is utterly quiet and the other
is about someone I know nothing of. I know someone is
part of Bourdieu but not part of these.. so wherefore
this claim that all members of all lists are seeing
the recent posts which I sent....

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