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Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 16:57:16 +0100
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I think this is misreading of the responses of the G20 states. Whilst
the American media and related politicians are stating that the event is
'American' the reality is that the first action is to ensure a level of
support within the G8/14/20 states. The achievement of consensus, is of
course impossible. The Islamic states - c.f Iran are asking that the
situation comes under the control of the UN - a reasonable and
intelligent request - however this is unlikely to be achieved, I suspect
given that the USA seems insistent in attempting to complete the passage
from 'virtual declaration of war on terroism' (after supporting sundry
terroists and state-terroists for decades) to an 'actual war on
terroists...'. The struggle for the USA and the rest of the 'G'
countries is of course the movement from the virtual to the actual...

'those who undertook this action, did more damage for oppressed groups
without a vioce than they could possibly imagine.'

Of course, terroist activity functions purely nihalistically... it is
rare that they ever actually 'care' about the defined oppressed groups -
(it is necessary to seperate the palestinian type groups from this as
they are almost exemplary) - in this case it is not even known who
carried out the attacks... suffice it to say that it was not carried out
as an act destined to further the cause of the oppressed. In the
post-modern things are less clear....



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