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Subject: Re: Baudrillard and Lecourt
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 14:35:03 -0400

what do you mean 'writing the emergency'? also, with regard to b, what do
you mean 'without a body of intellectual work'? are you being serious?
louis kontos

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Subject: Re: Baudrillard and Lecourt

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> >Subject: Baudrillard and Lecourt
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> >Earlier someone asked why the Baudrillard list only ever came into life
> >when an 'emergency' happened. Lecourt's book the Mediocracy explains it
> >as follows. Let me clarify, it begins with Sartre, when french
> >intellectual s learnt to write the emergency, write the crisis. But
> >unlike some of the current French philosophers/cultural theorists Sartre
> >actually had a body of important supportive work. Post Sartre and
> >others, a generation of lessor intellectuals, Levy, Glucksmann, Ferry
> >etc learnt  how to 'write the emergency', aiming to intervene from their
> >reactionary towers. In truth they have nothing to say except for the
> >usual 'anti-leftist drivel' , occasionally reaching the most
> >extraordinary heights of absurdity. For example they accused live-aid of
> >murdering children when it gave aid to third world regimes who had
> >supposedly marxist regimes... Pure stupidity.
> >
> >Baudrillard sits uneasily in this group, but he is a nostalgic thinker
> >at times and on occasion writes simply to annoy.  But he does write the
> >emergency, without a body of supporting theoretical work to justify his
> >intellectual positions along  with Glucksmann, Levy and Ferry...
> >
> >Does the Baudrillard list reflect this reactionary tendency?
> >
> >regards
> >
> >sdv
> >To Whom It May Concern:
>      I am unsure how I became entered in your list of questioning
> philosiphical issues, but I am intrigued with some of your questions.  Is
> this just a debate concerning Baudrillard and Lecourt and if so where
> I find the dissertation or work that you refer too.  I have noticed that
> seem to have a dislike for many different works from other's.  I would be
> quite interested in reading what you find so fascinating concerning
> Baudrillard and Lecourts work in regards to the recent tragedy.
> Sincerely, Sandra
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