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Date: Mon, 06 May 1996 11:55:42 +0100
Subject: Re: Bhaskar and Bad Writing...

I wouldn't want anyone to think that I think RBs prose is all brilliant. My
background is not in philsophy and I found even RTS really hard going. When
I bought Plato and read the back cover (Having struggled with Dialectic,
which I still admit to not fully understanding, Can somebody please explain
the four modes 1M, 2E etc. to me please? Are they moments of the dialectic,
theoretical frameworks of understanding or what?) and seeing the bit about
accessible I was astounded when I read the text. Accessible to who? Still,
there is a certain elegance(?) and excitement to his prose, even when it's
really bad, which I admit is often.


Colin Wight
Department of International Politics
University of Wales, Aberystwyth
SY23 3DA



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